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5 Best Holiday Season 2019 Premium Cigars

Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, it’s time to sit back and relax so that we can indulge in the things that most feel festive.  Of course, for cigar lovers, nothing hits the spot and makes us feel like we’re treating ourselves to something decadent quite like a luxurious, high-end cigar.  And, at BnB Tobacco, we’ve got your holiday cigar-related needs covered.


Discover five masterpieces that we offer that are absolutely phenomenal for this time of year.  Each one is unique, carefully crafted and certain to please even the most discerning connoisseur.


Holiday Season Cigar #5: Acid Red

The Acid Red cigars continue to be top sellers among our mild category, and for good reason.  From the Drew Estate, the Acid Reds have a profoundly rich tobacco that has a bright, sharp and zesty kick, making us think of mulled wine that’s colored with slices of fresh citrus.  The Nicaraguan filler perfumes the air with its highly complex aroma, while the taste buds are taken on a journey.  The Connecticut wrapper is the perfect finishing touch.


Holiday Season Cigar #4: 100% Dominican Robusto

The 100% Dominican Robusto cigars offer a mild-medium body that comes from outstandingly rich yet slightly restrained Dominican tobaccos.  They offer a warm, earthy base that comforts the spirit on chilly winter evenings, while hits of exotic spices make us feel like we’re treating ourselves to the flavors of the holidays.  They’re great everyday smokes since they offer a thrilling taste experience without being overwhelming to the senses.  And, they’re beautifully constructed, not to mention renowned for their consistency.


Holiday Season Cigar #3: Camacho Liberty

The Camacho Liberty cigars come straight from Honduras, and they’re known for being outrageously luxurious.  These medium-full-bodied cigars continue to outperform others in the category due to their luxurious flavor.  Their Cuban seed tobacco has a reputation for being uniquely robust and rich, offering a velvety draw and a sensation of satisfaction on the palate.  They’ve also won plenty of awards thanks to their stunning flavor and exceptional craftsmanship.


With Honduran filler and a Habano and Sumatran wrapper, each Camacho Liberty cigar allows you to escape into a winter wonderland thanks to a blend of warm spices, rich coffee and succulent cream.  You’ll be stunned by the complexity of each pull as it touches your tongue.


Holiday Season Cigar #2: Alec Bradley Nica Pura

Alec Bradley is a name that every cigar enthusiast recognizes, and associates with pure class.  The Alec Bradley Nica Pura cigars are holiday favorites for their seasonal flavor profile that includes black pepper, warm coffee, velvety cream and exotic wintertime spices.  Each pull makes you feel absolutely euphoric thanks to the silky mouthfeel of the premium tobacco that comes straight from Nicaragua.  This is a full-bodied cigar that will be enjoyed on those special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve.


Holiday Season Cigar #1: Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

Lastly, we have the Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente cigars, which have a mild-medium body.  These cigars are great everyday cigars, but they also have an exquisite flavor profile that is great for evening parties during the chilly winter months.  That’s because the richness of the tobacco instantly warms you up and comforts your soul.  They come in a range of luxurious wrappers, and the Dominican filler is as high in quality as it gets.


The flavor profile of the Chateau Fuente is known for being unique, exquisite and highly nuanced.  You’ll get a warm, rich and robust flavor right off the bat, but your taste buds will never feel overwhelmed.  Aromatic spices perfume the air around you while inspiring memories of holidays passed.


‘Tis The Cigar Season Indeed!

If you want to treat yourself this holiday season, savor any of these five cigars and you won’t be sorry.  Between their luxurious nature and their seasonal flavor profiles, we know that you’ll feel like you’re making the most of the season.  Or, grab all five and enjoy the gift of variety.


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