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5 Reasons to Consider Purchasing Nicaraguan Cigars

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It seems that over the last several decades, the cigar community has gravitated more and more toward cigars that originate from Nicaragua.  It goes without saying that today’s cigar market highlights a dizzying array of Nicaraguan cigar options, and many of our favorite cigar manufacturers have settled in the country to produce purely Nicaraguan products.

So, what is it about this country that makes it such a destination for cigar lovers?

A Brief History of Nicaragua’s Cigar Industry

Nicaragua was not always one of the leading destinations of the cigar universe.  Going back in time, it was Cuba, which has taken decades to once again, maintain a reputation as a serious exporter of fine cigars.  As we all know, the 1960s was a turbulent time for Cuba, and the embargo prevented Americans from having any access to Cuban tobacco, while drastic political changes forced many Cuban cigar manufacturers to have no choice but to relocate.

Many longstanding cigar manufacturers found themselves relocating to Nicaragua, and a good number of these companies continue their operations there to this day.  Nicaraguan tobacco is simply associated with luxury, and enthusiasts around the world believe that the country produces the best cigars, period.

An In-depth Look at Nicaraguan Cigar

So, what is it specifically that gives Nicaragua its unique edge over other exporters of cigars?

Reason #1: Fuller, Richer, and Sweeter Flavor

Overall, Nicaragua is associated with boasting tobacco that is richer, fuller, and sweeter in flavor than that which comes from Cuban soil.  Of course, this is the result of a complex variety of conditions, including the climate, the nutrients in the soil and the tobacco plants that are native to the country.  There is, however, certainly a growing trend for heavier-bodied tobacco that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and if this trend appeals to you, there’s no doubt that a Nicaraguan cigar is what’s most likely to satisfy your needs.

Reason #2: These Cigars are Aged Properly

Don’t get us wrong – Cuban cigars are exceptional.  After all, they have been in high demand for so many decades, with enduring popularity among even the most discerning cigar lovers.  But, because of this high demand, a lot of cigar companies in Cuba feel enormous pressure to churn out cigars as quickly as possible to satisfy buyers.  What this means is that a lot of cigars that make their way over here have not really been given the time to age properly, as the high demand does not allow this rather time-consuming process.

There is no need to get into the importance of aging tobacco properly, as that’s something that all cigar enthusiasts already know about.  What we can say is that in Nicaragua, the tradition of fully aging a cigar no matter how long it takes remains fully intact.  So, you are more likely to get a cigar that has been properly aged by choosing Nicaraguan companies.

Reason #3: The Cost is Often Better

Cuban cigars have gotten quite expensive over the years – not that you haven’t probably noticed already.  This has a lot to do with the reputation that they have developed, along with the high costs of exporting.  A lot of people find that their favorite Nicaraguan cigars offer exceptional quality at a generally lower price than their Cuban counterparts.  What this means is that you can really get your money’s worth by choosing a Nicaraguan cigar.

Reason #4: Small-Batch Production = Better Quality

It is not something that’s unique to the cigar industry – once mass production takes effect, the quality tends to drop.  Nicaraguan cigars are largely still produced in small batches, compared to other popular cigar exporters who, due to higher demand over the years, have had no choice but to employ commercialized methods.  This small-batch, artisanal approach ensures that each and every cigar is made with care, and most people can tell the difference right away.

Reason #5: Wider Variety

One thing often noted is how Nicaraguan tobacco can vary greatly by region, which is unique for a cigar exporter.  For instance, tobacco grown in the Jalapa Valley tends to be particularly sweet due to the sandy soil, with tobacco from Esteli having the strongest flavor due to its altitude and soil which is particularly rich in nutrients.  Many cigar enthusiasts enjoy this aspect a great deal, as it allows them to get very particular about the quality and flavor of their tobacco based on the specific region in which it was grown.

Grab Some Nicaraguan Cigars Today!

Nicaraguan cigars are more popular than ever before, and it is clear that there is a multitude of reasons why.  If you have yet to invest in Nicaraguan cigars, we strongly recommend doing so, because you’ll certainly notice the difference in flavor and quality.  At BnB Tobacco, we offer a broad range of Nicaraguan options from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

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