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5 Things to Look for When Purchasing CBD Wraps

Natty CBD Wraps

If there’s one trend in the hemp industry that isn’t going anywhere, it’s CBD flower.  CBD flower is the raw flowering buds of the hemp plant, and they are ultimately the purest form of hemp that you can find on the market.

CBD flower is most often smoked, which can be done in two ways.  One way is to put the raw flower buds into a pipe.  The other method is breaking up or grinding the buds and putting them into a paper known as a wrap, which is rolled to create something much like a filter-free cigarette.

What Makes CBD Wraps Amazing to Use?

More of our customers are gravitating toward the trend of rolling CBD in wraps because it’s convenient, and because there are many unique wraps available that can enhance the experience of smoking hemp.

#1: Material

The first thing that you’ll want to consider is the material, as CBD wraps can be made from various fibers, both synthetic and natural.  We do prefer natural materials ourselves, as they tend to offer a more enjoyable flavor, and are likely better for us in the long run.

The material you choose is totally based on your preferences.  Some love tobacco leaves, which offer a rich tobacco taste along with a bit of nicotine that may work synergistically with the CBD for a unique type of experience.  Others prefer hemp-based fibers, which do not contain cannabinoids, but are extremely clean and neutral, which allows the taste of the hemp flowers to shine.  You can find additional types of materials on the market, which each bring something unique to the table.

#2: Size

The size of the wraps is also something that you should carefully consider.  That’s because the size of the wrap determines how large your CBD roll will end up being, and some people want to have more CBD per smoking session than others.  Further, the size plays a role in how easily you can roll the product and is also dependent on how much CBD you have at any time.  For instance, if you buy a large wrap, but only have an exceedingly small amount of hemp flower, you won’t be able to fill the wrap completely, and therefore won’t be able to smoke it properly.

#3: Flavor

One of the things that we love about CBD wraps is how they come in a wide array of flavors.  This makes the act of smoking the CBD flower even more enjoyable, as you’ll find yourself licking your lips each time you take an inhale.  CBD flower has a taste of its own, but companies that make CBD wraps tend to use complementary flavors to enhance hemp’s own flavor profile.

It’s definitely worth your time to look through the different flavors that are available.  If you end up with a flavor that doesn’t appeal to your senses, you may find the entire experience of smoking CBD flower unenjoyable, which could lead to you not wanting to smoke it, and wasting it as a result.

#4: Pricing

Of course, you’ll want to take the price into consideration.  CBD wraps that are extremely cheap in price may be appealing, but you’ll want to read through their descriptions carefully, because sometimes that low price indicates subpar quality in terms of the material or flavoring.  Further, often there is no need to splurge on highly expensive CBD wraps, as these are rarely superior to standard ones that you’ll find on the market.

At BnB Tobacco, are CBD wraps are priced fairly, and we’re proud to offer highly affordable options that are extremely high in quality.  You won’t find ones that are disappointingly cheap in terms of how they’re made, nor will you find ones that are overpriced for no good reason.

#5: Company’s Reputation

Lastly, always consider the reputation of the company from which you are buying your CBD wraps.  You don’t want to end up with wraps from a company that is not trusted, as they may be making poor-quality products that could potentially have chemical substances that aren’t great for you to inhale on a regular basis.  At BnB Tobacco, we only stock CBD wraps from trusted companies that are known to deliver in terms of quality and reliability, so that you won’t run into this type of problem

That’s a “Wrap”

CBD wraps come in various materials, sizes, flavors, and price points, which means that you’ll have no trouble finding one that can give you the best hemp experience possible.  We encourage you to explore the variety of CBD wraps that are available at BnB Tobacco, as you’ll likely be very impressed by our selection.




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