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6 Cigar Tips You Need to Know

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Cigar Smoking TipsThis guide provides all of the cigar smoking tips that you need to know. For the aspiring cigar connoisseur, these are the necessary Do’s and Don’ts that you should take note of. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are about to enjoy a cigar.

1. Don’t Inhale the Cigar Smoke

Some new cigar smokers, especially former or current cigarette smokers, may not realize that cigar smoke should not be inhaled. The enjoyment of smoking a cigar is supposed to come from the taste, and inhaling cigar smoke can be very threatening to your health. The health risks for a casual cigar smoker, who only smokes a few cigars every week and doesn’t inhale the smoke, are much less significant as opposed to those who do inhale.

2. Age Your Cigars

After purchasing your cigars, you should remove them from their cellophane packaging and place them in a properly maintained humidor. Age your cigars by keeping them in your humidor for a few months (2-3) to greatly improve the taste of your cigars.

3. Don’t Store Your Cigars in Your Fridge/Freezer

One of the major cigar myths is that it is okay to store your cigars in a fridge or freezer. Be assured that no expert tobacconist has ever stated that this storing method works. Ultimately, you should not store your cigars in a fridge/freezer because it does the exact opposite of what you want. Your fridge or freezer will remove moisture away from your cigars, which will dry them out.

4. Select a Drink to Accompany Your Cigar

One of the best parts of smoking a cigar is paring it with the perfect drink. It is very important to choose the proper drink to accompany your fine cigar. This is especially true if you are about to enjoy a medium or full flavored cigar. For instance, did you know that light beer or margarita will get overpowered by a strong cigar?  You should do some research online before you light your cigar to make sure you have the perfect drink to match.

5. Don’t Put out Your Cigar When Finished

Instead of snuffing out your cigar after you are done smoking it, just leave it in the ashtray to extinguish by on its own. Snuffing out your cigar will leave a foul odor.

6. Sample All Different Types of Cigars

With so many different varieties and brands to pick from, you should try as many different types of cigars as you can. Look to invest in some sample packs of different brands of cigars, and read reviews on what people thought of them. Branch out every once and awhile, and try something new.

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