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8 Reasons Pipe Smokers Should Try Sutliff Signature Pipe Force Episode IV

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Sutliff has long enticed its loyal fanbase with limited-edition releases of innovative tobacco blends ornamented in collectible and eye-catching packaging.  This time, it’s Sutliff Signature Pipe Force Episode IV that has really got everyone talking, and we’re going to take a closer look into it to give you an idea of what makes it such a special release.

Why Sutliff Signature Pipe Force Episode IV is a Must-Try

A light, Oriental-focused English mixture accentuated with two novel, stoved tobaccos -Rustica and Katerini.

  • The Orientals are musky and herbal, bringing much of the flavor alongside Red Virginia tang and wood as well as spice from the Stoved Katerini.
  • The Stoved Rustica offers a stout body and peppery sensation, harmonizing with a light Latakia smokiness.

Stoved--or Cavendish tobaccos are often thought of as the vehicle for top flavoring. Though this is certainly a fine attribute, the wonderful characteristics imparted from the stoving process can easily be overlooked. Pipe Force illustrates just that with the stoving of two varietals for the first time, Rustica and Katerini.

Now, to give you an even better idea of what this tobacco release has in store for you, we’ve created a list of the most essential reasons to give it a try. 

#1: The Sci-Fi Connotations are Too Fun to Resist

The theme of this release is all about futuristic sci-fi vibes, and we can’t get enough.  It’s the perfect point of intersection between two fandoms – that of pipe tobacco, and that of the sci-fi world.  The imagery that is used brings back memories of sci-fi shows and comics from the golden age, allowing us a feeling of escapism while we indulge in our favorite hobby.

#2: It Uses Ultra-Rare Tobaccos

Now, while the theme itself is fun, it’s the tobacco that matters, right?  Well, this Oriental-heavy English blend brings together two super rare tobaccos rarely seen on their own, let alone paired together: Katerini, which comes from Greece, and is known for its mild, deeply pleasing flavor, and rustica, which is a different species of tobacco entirely, yielding phenomenally high nicotine levels (9%, give or take), and promising a deep, dark, and nutty taste with notes of dried fruit.  These tobaccos are blended beautifully with Virginia red tobacco, for balance, and gorgeous Orientals that add further intrigue and mystique to every pull.

#3: It Takes Ultra-Rare Tobaccos and Makes Them into a Cavendish

Not only does this distinctive blend bring together Katerini and rustica tobaccos, but they undergo a cavendish process which is practically unheard of for these varieties.  The deep, dark black tobacco that results from the process takes a good deal of the edge off of the rustica, making it smoother and fruitier, while enhancing the overall sweetness of the flavor profile and enhancing its depth to unbelievable levels.

#4: The Flavor is One-of-a-Kind

With all of that being said, you can safely assume that the taste of this blend is absolutely out of this world.  We’re confident you’ve never tasted a pipe tobacco that comes close.  Its flavor is rich, dark, and deep, yet demonstrates expertly handed balance through the use of pinches of lighter tobaccos here and there.  The taste is exotic through the influence of carefully selected Orientals that pair beautifully with the cavendish’s full-bodied richness.

#5: It’s Phenomenally Smooth

Traditionally, high-nicotine tobaccos like Katerini and, of course, rustica, can be quite harsh, to the point that one can only get through a few puffs at a time, comfortably.  But, through applying a cavendish technique, they become far smoother – almost velvety – to the point that every draw feels luxurious.  This, combined with the stunning blend that Sutliff came up with, allows for a deeply pleasurable smoke that would’ve been difficult to enjoy had a less experienced manufacturer attempted to craft it.

#6: You Might Get a Free Gift with Your Purchase

This special tobacco tin comes with a collectible challenge coin, which is emblazoned with the artwork of the character developed exclusively for this release.  But, only one in 10 tins actually has one, so that adds to the fun of your purchase.  Basically, if you’re a sci-fi fan, you may be able to enjoy an extra something that you can keep and enjoy for a long time to come – in addition to the tin itself.

#7: It’s Limited Edition

Only 7,5000 tins were made for this limited release, which means that it’s not a product you can get ever again, once the tins run out.  In other words, grab one (or several) while you can!

#8: It’s a Must for Fans of High Nicotine

Another thing worth pointing out is that the two primary tobaccos in this blend are both known for their above-average nicotine levels.  Keep in mind that the rustica (9% nicotine) is carefully balanced by more reasonable tobaccos in terms of nicotine content, so it won’t be overwhelming – just satisfying for those who prefer stronger hits.

Give This Exciting Limited-Edition Tobacco Blend a Try!

The Sutliff Signature Series Pipe Force Episode IV is an incredible opportunity to enjoy a super rare product, both in terms of the tobacco itself, and its packaging that makes it a collector’s piece.  The tobacco blend is truly innovative, and one that you won’t find elsewhere.  Meanwhile, it’s a limited release, so you will feel like you’ve gotten your hands on something that’s truly special with every purchase.  Pipe Force, a series that celebrates pipe smoking by showing innovation isn't a thing of the past, there are still frontiers to explore.

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