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A Brief History of Ambrosia Cigars

 When we think about Ambrosia cigars, we think of exotic flavor profiles, luxurious smokes and superior quality.  But, how often do we think about the history behind this famous cigar?

It all started with Drew Estate, which began in 1998.  Two fraternity brothers decided to devote their lives to making the finest cigars possible, and they set up a kiosk in the World Trade Center.  Unlike many of the dominating cigar houses today, Drew brothers did not inherit a tobacco farm, nor did they come from a family of expert cigar makers.  They knew that they would have to work extra hard to be taken seriously in the industry as complete newcomers, but they were up for the challenge.

It didn’t take long for Drew Estate to take off, largely thanks to Jonathan Drew’s ambitious idea to move to Nicaragua, allowing him to manufacture cigars on his terms using the finest materials he could find.  Meanwhile, his brother Marvin held down the fort in Brooklyn, operating the business while Jonathan ran the manufacturing in South America.

In 1999, the two brothers launched their Acid line, which remains extremely popular today thanks to its innovative blend of fine tobacco and herbs, oils and botanicals. Their popularity rose enormously over the coming years, and the two brothers went from being two broke frat boys to successful businessmen.

Then, they decided that it was time to launch a new cigar line, and they named it “Ambrosia.”  Ambrosia cigars have a high-end flavor and construction, and are today considered some of the finest on the market.  They contain exquisite Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos that are carefully blended with exotic spices, and are available in Cameroon, Connecticut and Sumatra wrappers.  Referred to as “Tobaccos Exxotica,” they are considered the most luxurious and aromatic cigars that Drew Estate offers today.


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