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A Brief History of Baccarat Cigars


When you think of sweet and smooth Honduran cigars, chances are that Baccarat is the first company that springs to mind.  It’s no surprise considering the fact that this company has maintained its excellent reputation for decades and continues to be a top-selling brand within the industry today.  Baccarat is one of the most recognizable names in the cigar universe, and most cigar connoisseurs rate their offerings very highly.


How Did Baccarat Cigars Come to Be?

As we all know, the history of our favorite cigar brands tends to be just as fascinating as the cigars themselves, so let’s take a closer look into the story behind this legendary brand.


The Baccarat name started with Carl Upmann, a legendary cigar house that was launched in Cuba, and enjoyed much success through the 1920s and early 1930s.  However, in 1935, the company went bankrupt despite its massive popularity, as did many cigar houses as a direct result of the failing economy.  A cigar manufacturer from the Netherlands bought enough shares of the company upon its bankruptcy to be able to sell cigars under the Upmann name, having found a loophole that allowed them to get around copyright infringement laws.  It was during this time that the Baccarat cigar was developed.


Eventually, in 1989, Fumas Tobacco, headed by Julio Eiroa, relaunched Baccarat cigars under the Caribe name, and right way, they took off.  From there, Sal Fontana took over production of these cigars under his house, Camacho Cigars.  It was around this time that the cigars took on their signature creamy flavor profile, consisting of fine Honduran tobacco in a Connecticut shade wrapper.  This continues to be the formula today, as it has never gone out of style due to its exquisite taste.


Interestingly, by 1998, Camacho Cigars was struggling due to issues involving unionization.  The company took a massive hit in profits during this time, and almost went under altogether.  However, it’s claimed by the company that Baccarat cigars single handedly kept the business afloat, as its sales never dipped, and in fact only increased over the years.


Where They are Today

Baccarat cigars come from the legendary Davidoff company, an acquisition that has given cigar aficionados the peace of mind that one of their favorite cigars is in good hands.  The Baccarat cigar continues to be held to the same high standards of quality, and the recipe has not been changed.




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