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A Real Brief History of the Cigar Box Opening Tool

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Part of the fun as any cigar aficionado knows when it comes to smoking cigars is being able to use a tool to open the box. Using an opener is one of the best things to have when you’re looking for effective ways to open cigar boxes. And believe it or not, a cigar box opener has been around since the Civil War days.

Cigar box openers came to fruition when individuals desired s specific tools to open the boxes. The first cigar tools looked like men’s pocket knives. The boxes made since 1865 had a tax stamp band attached that helped fund the Civil War. Openers were developed to open the boxes. Not only did it ruin the tax seal on the cigar box so it couldn’t be used again, but it made an easy tool for those who wanted to get their boxes open with a minimum of effort, and minimize opening and closing of the box.

It’s no surprise that the first openers resembled men’s pocket knives since they were modeled after them. Cigar opening tools are just a specialized tool much like nail clippers replace scissors as an easy way to clip nails. They became increasingly specialized throughout the years, developing blades and notches that could further refine the technique of being able to get in cigar boxes. In 1997, a treatise was done on the subject that detailed there were 160 types of openers in 15 different shapes.

Cigar box openers were designed to slice an advertising label and found on the box end. They were also designed to damage the tax seal, and pry up nails that sealed the boxes. They developed blades and notches throughout the years to make sure that you got the options that you need. Cigar openers are a bit of American History that has been developed throughout the years.

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