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Acid Kuba Kuba

Cigar Reviews Drew Estate


The Acid Kuba Kuba is made by Drew Estate (the brand which creates all Acid cigars). The brand is based in Nicaragua, and while relatively new, they have been well received in the years since their foundation in 1998. Drew Estate is the product of Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, two friends in New York City. Rather than hailing from a long line of cigar makers, they created their business out of nothing but hard work and imagination. Eventually they teamed up with artist Scott “Acid” Chester, who worked on the promotional end of their business and helped the world recognize their talent.

The Acid Kuba Kuba is a 54 gauge robusto with a sweet Sumatra wrapper. Even before smoking it, you can smell the herbal scent emanating from the surface. The construction is great, offering an easy cut and an effortless draw. If you avoid “flavored” cigars, you may have avoided the Acid Kuba Kuba, but the infusion of herbs offers nothing like the sickly sweet flavor you may associate with infused flavors.

What really stands out about this particular cigar is the bouquet of aromas once you light it. Among the herbs and spices you can detect cloves and anise. It is a very complex but well blended scent with an earthy backdrop, and the aromatic smoke is thick and creamy with hints of vanilla.

The burn is slow and even throughout the smoke, and the ash builds up to an impressive length before dropping off at just the right moment. The flavor is also fairly consistent throughout the length of the smoke; while the aroma is complex, don’t expect major transitions with this cigar. It’s complex, but it’s also consistent.

The Acid Kuba Kuba costs around $6.00. This is more aromatic than most cigars, and it’s a pleasant, quality smoke for a modest price.

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