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Alec Bradley Premium Plus Sampler w/ Lighter

Brand: Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley Premium Plus Sampler with Lighter

Thanks to BnB Tobacco, you can indulge in high-quality cigars while saving serious cash. The Alec Bradley Premium Plus Sampler gives you six delectable cigars and a free lighter so that you can start digging into astonishing flavor right away. You'll enjoy a wide variety of flavors that are each guaranteed to dazzle your palate beyond belief.

The Alec Bradley Premium Plus Sampler is a feast for the palate thanks to a diverse collection of cigars. This special sampler comes with six premium cigars and a durable, reliable AB torch lighter.

  • American Sun Grown is made with Nicaraguan tobacco and has a medium to full body. You'll instantly find that this cigar is profoundly rich, boasting notes of spice, cedar and nuts. Each puff is outstandingly smooth.
  • Black Market contains four types of tobacco from four different countries. Notes of spice and black pepper invigorate your palate before making way for a pleasantly dry finish. Nicaraguan tobacco gives this flavor its incredible richness.
  • Raices Cubanas is a medium-bodied cigar that boasts notes of spice and nuts that instantly intoxicate your senses. The sweet finish has notes of honey that linger on the tongue after you exhale.
  • Nica Puro has a medium to full body. Each puff delivers delicious notes of chocolate, spice, leather and nuts. This tobacco blend is exquisitely balanced, providing you with a rich flavor profile that you'll never forget.
  • MAXX is made with Colombian, Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged to perfection. It provides you with enchanting earthy notes on the inhale. You'll be dazzled by notes of rich espresso, licorice and satisfying sweetness as the flavor blossoms on the tongue.
  • Family Blend: The Lineage is a full-bodied cigar that has an exquisite chocolaty taste which’s complemented by warm cedar and earthy leather. You'll enjoy the finest Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos as the flavors swirl around on the palate.

The Alec Bradley Premium Plus Sampler allows you to enjoy the glorious flavors that Alec Bradley has to offer.

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