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Are Fatter Cigars Really Better?

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Have you noticed that cigars are getting fatter and fatter? These days, it's common to come across a wide selection of cigars that each surpass a sixty-ring gauge. Just a few decades ago, these cigars would have looked comical to the average cigar enthusiast. However, fat cigars have been gradually taking over the industry over the last couple of years. 

Apart from most renowned Cuban cigar manufacturers, it seems like every brand is trying to deliver the fattest cigar to date. Therefore, we must assume that cigar enthusiasts are creating a high demand for this type of cigar. Even though extremely fat cigars are difficult to cut, pack and get one's mouth around, statistics show that they're slowly outselling more conventional cigars. 

Back in 1995, J.C. Newman released a series of cigars that each boasted a 54-ring gauge. The idea was that fatter cigars allow for a more unique flavor profile. With so much room to play around with, a cigar manufacturer can combine a wider variety of flavors to create something that truly tastes unique. 

At the time, these fat cigars didn't catch on. However, modern cigar enthusiasts are beginning to realize that Newman's theory was correct. A thicker cigar allows the different filler tobaccos to each deliver a fuller flavor profile. This results in a more complex and nuanced taste overall. 

Another advantage of a fat cigar is that they burn more slowly. Plus, they produce thicker smoke and feel cooler when inhaled. Therefore, it can't be denied that fat cigars boast many unique advantages. 

However, not everyone is a fan of the trend. Many find that smoking a cigar that has such an enormous diameter is nothing more than a sad attempt to display one's masculinity. Many cigar enthusiasts also find the nature of these cigars to be incredibly inconvenient. For instance, they require that the cigar smoker purchase new hardware to accommodate these fat cigars. 

Still, this trend hasn't died down yet. Every month, more and more beloved cigar manufacturers are delivering their take on the fat cigar trend. And consumers are buying them.

Whether or not the fat cigar trend is here to stay, it's safe to say that cigar enthusiasts overall are thoroughly enjoying this type of cigar. With its unique benefits and impressive appearance, the fat cigar has taken the industry by storm.

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