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Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid

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Ashton is a name well-known in cigar circles for providing consistent quality featuring the creativity of the famous Fuente family. All of their cigars incorporate binders and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Connecticut shade grown or Ecuadorian wrappers.

The Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid is no exception – its comes in a super silky Connecticut shade grown wrapper marked with the ornate black, gold and red Ashton band. All of the Cabinet Selection cigars contain six types of aged Dominican tobacco – the creation of an Ashton Cabinet Selection cigar it is a seven year process from the seed to the finished product. What you are smoking is the result of long, hard work and a careful selection of flavors.

The result is a smoke that lives up to the high expectations that level of detail should invoke. Some pyramid shape cigars have a difficult draw to begin with but not the Ashton Cabinet Selection. The burn is even and the cigar lights easily.

This is not a sweet cigar by any means. The flavors are principally very spicy. The initial notes are strong, toasted cloves and a bitter, salty backdrop. As you continue to smoke, there is a leathery aroma which assumes center focus, but the spicy notes remain prevalent in the aftertaste of the creamy smoke. The quality of the ash is excellent, holding on until it’s ready to fall all at once. The flavors are pretty consistent through the duration of the experience, gradually mellowing out into a finish tasting mostly of tobacco. Unlike many cigars in their final inches, the Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid retains its mellowness right to the very end and doesn’t overheat.

The Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid runs about $7.00. It is a very intriguing, high quality cigar that offers an incredibly unique experience.

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