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Avo Domaine Puritos

Avo is the company formed by Avo Uvezian at the age of 61. A lifelong jazz musician, he traveled to Puerto Rico and opened up a piano bar where he discovered a new passion – cigars. His passion for cigars became such that he started rolling some himself and giving them away to his guests for free. Soon he discovered he had a new hit; his cigars were in so highly demanded that he could begin selling them and turn his hobby into a business. Now Avo’s cigars are known and loved worldwide.

The Avo Domaine Puritos is the smallest of the Domaine series, but don’t let the size of this cigarillo fool you; the Puritos contains all the same great flavor and aroma you could expect from any full-size cigar. The Avo Domain features an exclusive, ultra-smooth Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper which is double-fermented for extra flavor. The characteristic purple and silver Avo band complements the tan wrapper exquisitely. The filler and binder for this cigar come from the “Domaine Avo” farm in the Dominican Republic, where ideal soil and atmospheric conditions allow the tobacco to thrive. Apolloniova kruznice ip address information . The pre-light aroma is faint but smells lightly of chocolate.

On lighting the Avo Domaine Puritos you discover that the draw is very easy. This doesn’t affect the burn in any negative way though or induce overheating; the burn is perfect and the ash is very fine.

The initial aroma is one of peppery cocoa. It’s neither too light nor too strong. site subdomains The smoke is thick and creamy. website domain . As the smoke develops it has a nutty quality. The creaminess only increases as the cigar burns away; the end of the smoke is spicy cedar.

You can buy a tin of 10 Avo Domaine Puritos for just $17.00, which makes this an outstanding bargain for an expertly blended, high quality cigar. Don’t miss out on this one!

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