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Best 2022 Cutting, Lighting, and Smoking Tips You Need to Know


Cigar smoking is probably one of the finest things in life. Indeed, it's an art that needs proper handling and articulate methods of accomplishing it. Any error in the process can change how a Cigar actually smokes and tastes. It doesn't just create the ultimate relaxation but also bonds well with your friends. It creates an escape from your regular business routine. Any moment from cutting, lighting and smoking must count. With proper guidance, you will come off as a cigar veteran.

1. Picking the right Cigar

Before we embark on this article's main purpose, it is prudent to know how to pick your cigars. If it's your first time, it is advisable to start with a mild-bodied or a manageable cigar. Cigars come in different sizes and shapes. The cigar sizes aren't standardized in the industry; hence brands may define sizes differently. As a first-timer, avoid flavored cigars that may deny you the chance to feel a true tobacco smoke experience but instead pummel you with syrupy sweetness.

2. Cutting the Cigar

Cutting the Cigar takes skill and perfection. Just like any other art, it takes practice to do it seamlessly. First, you need a great cutter, as a dull blade will maul the Cigar and ruin a good smoke.

First, let's assume the Cigar has a round head with a cap for this guide. Note a well-made cigar has a well-rounded, smooth cap; hence a double-edged or two-finger guillotine is ideal for cutting.


a. Choose the Right Cutter

Use a two-finger guillotine with double blades instead of a single blade. The single blade cutter will destroy the head or create an uneven cut. Also, you don't need an expensive cutter; you can get a cheap but quality cutter at cigar shops or amazon.

b. Find Where you are going to cut

Cutting the Cigar means severing the top part of the cap. Identify the longitudinal seams rounding the dome cap. Make your cut just at the dome or just at the place where the cap is rounding off. Avoid cutting along the shoulder or where the cap straightens out, and the head begins.

c. Open cutter

Open the cutter all the way and insert the Cigar. While holding the Cigar, cut a small amount above the Cigar's longitudinal cap line.

d. Check whether you can get air through the Cigar

Ensure you can draw air through the Cigar without trying too hard. If its air draw is strained, then cut a little bit more. Note that shaving below the cap line is prohibited when adjusting the cigar cut.

3. Lighting the Cigar

Don't use lighters that will impart additional tastes to the Cigar. Use neutral lighters such as butane torch lighters or wooden matches.

Wooden matches are the best for lighting a cigar. Consider using the two to three matches to get a better light and a broader flame.


  1. Hold the Cigar in a 45 to 60 degrees angle toward the frame
  2. Let the Sulphur tip of the wooden match burn off, then bring the flame about ½ an inch under the cigars' cut cup.
  3. Rotate the Cigar and move the lighter in a circular motion to get an even roast on the cigar foot.

By following these rituals, you ensure the entire foot is lit, including the binder wrapper and the tobacco. Toasting the foot cigar unleashes more flavors . In contrast, if you light the Cigar when it's in your mouth, you will just be igniting the filler leaf and missing other flavors from the wrapper, which gives a complete flavor profile. After lighting the Cigar, let it rest for a minute as it completes the roast and taste profile.

4. Smoking cigar

If you have made it this far, then congratulation, you are on course to enjoy the most satisfying feeling in the world. First, Cigar is not cigarettes are smoked for their flavor rather than nicotine. Hence cigar smoke should be drawn into the mouth and expelled. Don't inhale the smoke in the lungs as cigars are smoked for rich flavor and relaxation. Additionally, if you want nicotine in your system, you will get plenty of it without inhaling the smoke.

Quick tips for smoking cigar:

  • Draw the smoke in the mouth
  • Don't inhale
  • Slow and steady
  • Sweet relief

Best practice of smoking cigar

It's advisable to enjoy the Cigar slowly as Higher temperatures of the Cigar will make the flavor acrid and bitter. Hence puff the Cigar utmost two times in a minute to avoid overheating.

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