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Best CBD Hemp Wraps of 2021

CBD Hemp Wraps of 2021

Of all of the ways to enjoy the properties of the hemp plant, there’s nothing like a CBD hemp wrap, which gives us two distinctive benefits: 1 is that it offers the raw, pure form of the hemp plant that’s highly bioavailable, and 2 is that it does all the hard work for us, allowing us to just take one out of the package and light it up rather than go through the tedious process of grinding and rolling our own. 

Which Hemp Wrap Should You Choose?

BnB Tobacco carries an amazing selection of CBD hemp wraps that all come from premium manufacturers in the industry, who work with only the finest organic hemp plant material and cleanest rolling papers to provide you with the most exquisite experience possible.  Out of all of the hemp wraps that you’ll find on our website, these are the top 10 according to our customers.

#10: Karma Original Hemp Wraps

The Karma Original Hemp Wraps are a great choice for those who don’t want flavor while they enjoy hemp.  They allow you to savor nothing but the pure, natural taste of naturally occurring terpenes that sit alongside cannabinoids like CBD in the plant’s chemical structure.  Wrapped to perfection to offer the perfect draw and burn rate, they’re made with strictly domestic hemp plant material grown by experienced farmers.  The paper is all-natural as well.

#9: Zig Zag OG Purp Hemp Wraps

For most of our customers, the name “Zig Zag” is no stranger.  This legendary brand is known for their tobacco products, but this time, they’ve given us a fully tobacco-free, nicotine-free product in the form of their OG Purp Hemp Wraps.  Crafted with the same attention to detail and high standards, they offer the perfect grind of hemp and tightness of roll to ensure a slow burn that lets you savor each exquisite puff of smooth smoke.  The name “OG Purp” comes from the use of Purple OG Kush, an iconic indica strain known for its berry-like flavor and deeply soothing properties to both the body and the mind.  Unflavored, they get their fruity taste solely from the terpenes in the hemp plant.  Each pack includes packing straws to boot.

#8: Kong Organic Kush Berry Hemp Wraps

The Kush Berry Hemp Wraps from Kong Organic are 100% all-natural in terms of both the hemp and the paper, with no preservatives or other ingredients added so that you’ll enjoy nothing but pure, bliss-inducing hemp with each pull.  The non-GMO hemp is fresh and flavorful, and the wrap itself is completely flavor-free so you can savor the taste of this beloved strain.  Kush Berry is a highly sought-after strain of hemp that gets its name from its dreamy berry-like flavor profile that’s both sweet and tangy, thanks to its distinctive terpene profile.  Meanwhile, it’s a powerful indica that many people enjoy in the evening hours due to its ability to help one unwind, and its usefulness at bedtime as well.

#7: Wild Hemp Island Twist Hemp Wraps

If you want to pair your CBD experience with a dreamy flavor profile, look no further than Wild Hemp Island Twist Hemp Wraps, which will help you feel like you’re escaping to paradise with its pina colada flavor that will undoubtedly leave you licking your lips.  It tastes so good that you’ll forget that your primary goal is experiencing the effects of the hemp plant.  Made with 100% American-grown hemp, and without any additives whatsoever, it’s an incredibly safe bet in terms of quality, and its slow burn makes sure that you enjoy every single puff as thoroughly as possible.

#6: Wild Hemp Gelato Hemp Wraps

Yet another great option from Wild Hemp is their Gelato Hemp Wraps, which deliver an entirely different flavor profile – this time, the sweet, rich and creamy taste of freshly churned gelato, straight from the most beautiful locations in Italy.  As you find yourself seduced by the taste, the clean, organic and additive-free hemp will work its way into the system and provide you with the effects that you’re seeking out.  Again, the hemp is grown in America, making it as fresh as can be for maximum impact and potency.

#5: Twisted Hemp Wraps Sampler

If you’re simply too overwhelmed by all of the choices that are available, this sampler pack may be the right choice for you.  Twisted Hemp is a beloved brand known for their top-notch pre-rolls, which utilize some of the finest hemp anywhere.  Each pack provides you with Blue Raspberry, Blue Banana, California Dream, Grape Burst, Sweet, Tropical Breeze and Mango Pineapple, so that you can savor a plethora of delicious flavor profiles all while getting in the same premium, raw and unadulterated hemp that’s naturally rich in cannabidiol.  Each comes in a resealable pouch so that you can preserve its freshness, for the best flavor and potency possible.

#4: Natty Organic Hemp Mango Wraps

These hemp wraps from Natty Organic are a particularly tasty option, as each draw bursts with fresh, topical mango flavor that’s as sweet and tangy as a bite into the real thing, minus the sticky juice, of course.  Made with 100% organic ingredients, including the hemp itself, you can count on nothing but the cleanest CBD experience, while each cigarillo-sized wrap conveniently comes with a filter to prevent bits of bud ending up in your mouth and teeth, while simultaneously offering a smoother inhale.

#3: Hemp Zone Sweet Hemp Wraps

A lot of “wrap” lovers love nothing more than a sweet flavor that gives the lips a coating of sugar after each pull.  These wraps from Hemp Zone deliver just that, with that iconic sweetness that you more than likely crave.  Made from sustainably farmed hemp material in Canada, the buds have been untreated, offering nothing but the cleanest hemp possible for the ideal experience.  Many people find that these hemp wraps in particular help them unwind after a long and tiring day, due to the terpenes found within the strain that the brand has selected.

#2: Superhemp Natural Hemp Wraps

Another standout options for those who prefer their hemp-smoking activities to be unflavored are these exquisite offerings from Superhemp, which give you nothing but the natural, complex taste of the hemp plant in all of its terpene-rich glory.  A favorite among our customers, they’re renowned for their smooth draws, freshness and potency, combined with their slow burn that makes each session a truly restorative experience.  The hemp is organic, non-GMO and additive-free.

#1: High Hemp Blazin Cherry Wraps

Everything about these wraps from High Hemp keeps customers satisfied, from the uniquely high quality of the all-natural and non-GMO paper to the exquisite cherry flavor that entices the taste buds.  The hemp itself is phenomenally fresh, which you’ll be able to taste right away.  The cherry flavor comes from natural ingredients, which adds to the clean nature of this particular CBD hemp wrap and gives as delicious of a taste as possible.

Try These Exquisite Hemp Wraps Right Here at BnB Tobacco

CBD hemp wraps offer a user-friendly and pure hemp experience to CBD enthusiasts, and at BnB Tobacco, you’ll find only the best hemp wraps around.  All of these wraps come from trusted brands and contain lab-tested hemp material, while boasting affordable prices, a great variety of flavors and more.  Explore these enticing options and more at BnB Tobacco, to find the ultimate wrap for you CBD-related needs.

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