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Best NFL Sunday Afternoon Cigars to Smoke

Best NFL Sunday Afternoon Cigars to Smoke, News

So, the game has just started, and you’re seated in your comfiest chair with a cold beer in your hand.  Yet, you still get the sense that something is missing, so you look around.  You’ve got your team’s jersey on, and there are plenty of snacks in the house.  So, what can it be that’s missing from this experience?


If you’re already here, you probably know the answer to that question.  There’s simply nothing like smoking a delectable cigar while watching the big game.  During football season, we get to indulge in the things that we find the most comforting and satisfying, such as beer, salty snacks and, of course, our favorite cigars.


At BnB Tobacco, we’ve got some excellent choices to help you make the most of your Sunday football afternoons.


#3: Acid Blondie


Look, between the beer and the wings, our NFL-watching experience can be heavy in terms of the flavor department.  That’s why you may choose a mild-bodied cigar that’s as crisp and light as the breeze on a perfect autumn afternoon.  And, if mild is what you crave, Acid Blondie is the way to go.


The Acid Blondie cigar is exceptional, boasting a blend of fine, light Nicaraguan tobaccos inside a Connecticut Shade wrapper.  Notes of smooth cream and luscious honey give this cigar a dessert-like touch while hitting the spot with a variety of tasty flavor notes.


#2: Alec Bradley Mundial


If you want something that’s a little more robust to match your mood, we strongly recommend the Alec Bradley Mundial.  This is a medium-full-bodied option that packs a serious punch in the flavor department, without being so heavy that it’s a bit much for a quiet Sunday afternoon.  A blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos ensures that your palate will be deeply satisfied while you puff away, and the brand’s signature Corojo wrapper is the perfect finishing touch.


The incredibly rich and bold flavor of this cigar will wow you just as much as watching your team score a touchdown.  Notes of honey and oak will perfume the air and make you salivate, without a doubt.


#1: Arturo Fuente Canones


The Arturo Fuente Canones is the perfect medium-bodied cigar for a Sunday afternoon spent watching your favorite team.  If you’re especially devoted to Football, this cigar is a must as it’s just a bit more luxurious than the rest.  In fact, it’s iconic, and totally deserving of being enjoyed during such a sacred ritual as watching football.


The rich Dominican filler will give you deeply intoxicating draws that feel silky smooth and burst with flavor.  The slightly smoky, oaky flavor is punctuated with hints of warm spice and sweetness, and the blend of Cameroon and Maduro wrappers only add to the intoxicating experience.  This is a cigar that you want to savor, making it ideal for your Sunday afternoon football-watching sessions.  Just don’t be surprised if the aroma makes your friends hint that they’d really, really like you to share.


The Perfect Endzone Celebration…In the Comfort of Your Own Home


Each of these three cigars at BnB Tobacco will allow you to enjoy football Sunday like never before by hitting the spot and making you feel like you’re really indulging.  No matter which one you choose, we’re certain that it will enhance the game-watching experience.  So, go ahead and grab one and light up just in time for the next big game.


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