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Best Stogies for Celebrating the 4th of July With

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Independence Day is coming up fast, and for many of us, that means that we’re stocking up on our favorite summer holiday supplies – burgers, beer, fireworks, and anything else that helps us celebrate this festive day.  But, if you’re a cigar enthusiast, then you know that July 4th isn’t the same without some delicious cigars that match the spirit of the summer.

10 Best July 4th Stogies Available at BnB Tobacco

All of these cigars really capture the feeling of July 4th, allowing us to take a break from the more hectic part of the day and enjoy the moment, alone or with our loved ones.

#10: Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars

There’s something about these cigars that just screams “America,” with the rich and robust taste of dark stout, coffee, and chocolate, acting as the perfect dessert with a summery kick from the beer notes.  Sure, the flavors are darker than what we’d expect for the summer, but the divinely luxurious flavor profile is worthy of a holiday celebration. 

#9: Tatiana Mini Cognac Cigarillos

A boozier option is the Tatiana Mini Cognac Cigarillo, offering a deeply rich flavor with syrupy notes of cognac to get you into the partying mood.  These little cigars can give you a quick break from the busier parts of the holiday, offering fine Dominican tobacco in a Connecticut wrapper.  Never too sweet, it’s a great daytime or evening smoke.

#8: Sweet Woods Vanilla Cigars

Then, we have this beauty from Sweet Woods, offering a smooth and smoky flavor profile that is enhanced with vanilla flavor, without any sweetness added to it.  Known for its rustic appeal, it grasps what we crave on the 4th of July, which is something clean and velvety yet intensely flavorful.

#7: Perdomo Champagne Epicure

The Perdomo Champagne Epicure cigars celebrate the 10th anniversary of the celebrated brand, promising a smooth, light, and beautifully aromatic flavor and aroma that can refresh you on the hottest day or night of the year.  A Connecticut shade wrapper showcases gorgeous Cuban tobacco, with just the right touch of sweetness to leave you intensely satisfied.  Perfect for anyone who craves a mellower smoke, it’s what summer flavors are all about.

#6: Alec Bradley American Blend Sun Grown

Always a no-brainer, Alec Bradley American Blend Sun Grown cigars have extra meaning on Independence Day, showcasing everything we love about the rich history of tobacco in our own country.  The medium-bodied Nicaraguan tobacco is as smooth and rich as you can imagine, with a velvety sun-grown wrapper to tie it all together.  Exquisitely handcrafted, its flavor is refined, yet non-stuffy, offering a superb summertime smoke to get you through your holiday festivities.

#5: Acid 20 Connecticut

To celebrate 20 years of Drew Estate’s Acid brand, they’ve released this gorgeous tribute in the form of a stunning cigar consisting of Nicaraguan filler, Indonesian binder, and a Connecticut Shade wrapper.  Infused with stunning flavor that’s never overwhelming to the palate, it promises a dreamy smoke from beginning to end, and its prestigious nature makes it worthy of waiting for a holiday to enjoy.

#4: Ramrod Originals

If you want to go full-on all-American for your smoking session this 4th, the Ramrod Originals cigar is a fantastic choice.  Dark-fired Kentucky tobacco is infused with rich bourbon to deliver an unbelievably complex and satiating smoke, with subtle fruity notes and smoky overtones amidst a sweet, bold flavor profile.  This medium-bodied beauty is an absolute must for bourbon lovers who are ready to sit back and watch some fireworks.

#3: Joya de Nicaragua Antano 4ct Sampler  

Can’t make up your mind when it comes to what you’re in the mood for?  Or maybe you want to break out a variety of cigars to share with your buddies this 4th.  Either way, the Joey de Nicaragua Antano 4ct Sampler presents four distinctively exquisite cigars from the celebrated brand, including the original Antano 1970, the creamy, spicy Antano CT, the robust, full-bodied Antano Dark Corojo, and the velvety Antano Gran Reserva, all featuring gorgeous Nicaraguan tobacco at its finest.   

#2: Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua Cigar

You simply can’t go wrong with this Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua Cigar, which is ideal for reserving for special occasions.  Its Nicaraguan filler and wrapper culminate in a ridiculously smooth and dreamy smoke that isn’t overpowering on hot summer days.  Every draw of vapor shows off the fine craftsmanship of the brand that has been wowing cigar enthusiasts for decades.

#1: Cigar Rights of America 2023 Freedom Sampler

 It’s hard to choose an option more appropriate for the 4th of July than this Cigar Rights of America 2023 Freedom Sampler, which provides a stunning 10 cigars all of outstanding quality.  This year’s sampler includes the Oliva Serie V Melanio Diadema, the Ashton VSG Torpedo, the Alec Bradly Double Broadleaf Limited Edition Figurado, the La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull, the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Pyramid, the Sixty by Rocky Patel Toro, the My Father S Special Toro, the Fuente Opus X Undefeated, the Padron Black No. 52, an the Tatuaje Limited Robusto Especial.

Celebrate Uncle Sam’s Birthday with a Good Ol’ Stogie Today!

At BnB Tobacco, we appreciate the fact that so many of our customers want to do more than just eat and drink on the holiday – they want to sit back and enjoy a special smoke with a cigar they’ve been waiting to break out all year long.  The choices above have something for every kind of enthusiast, so you’ll be able to treat yourself no matter what your preferences are.

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