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BnB Tobacco: Cigars You Can Smoke in at least 30 Minutes

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Whether it’s on a  lunch break or for those lengthy business trips where you’ll have precious time to relax with your favorite stogie, quick-smoking cigars are still  in high demand. But the age old problem of speed vs. quality and price are ever present, after all, no one wants to spend a bunch of money on a cigar that they only intend for their work break. That being said, here is a short list of 3 of our best cigars you can fully enjoy in 30 minutes or less.

Cigar Choice #3: Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote

The Sancho Panza is a 4.5 x 5 box pressed, short stick with a light construction and a peppery, mild aroma. It’s perfect for lovers of mild cigars, as it has a very even, toned down and earthy taste with a lot of smoke output which makes for nice texture. It burns very fast and shouldn’t take a seasoned smoker more than 20-30 minutes to finish. Additionally, it’s also very inexpensive.

Cigar Choice #2: NUB Connecticut 464 Torpedo

With a smooth Connecticut wrapper, faint earthy aroma, firm construction and a subtle, sweet and creamy, nutty flavor and great consistency, the NUB 464 Torpedo is a excellent choice for those who love breakfast cigars on the sweeter side. It pairs excellently with coffee and other, similar beverages and has a extremely long finish. In keeping with the theme, the NUB 464 Torpedo also burns extremely quickly, so most cigar smokers should get halfway down the stick in only 15 minutes for about a total burn time of around 30 minutes.

Cigar Choice #1: CAO La Traviata Maduro Luminoso

Despite CAO’s not being known for their bold flavors, the La Traviata is a notable exception to this general rule. This short, sturdy, double capped chocolate colored maduro stick is for those smokers that lover their kick, their spice and their pepper. It features a wide array of very strong (but not overwhelming) earthy tones, primarily pepper but also has hints of creamy leather. The La Traviata has a smooth draw and plenty of smoke output with few variations as one moves down the thirds of their stick (aside from a subtle increase in the sweet earth and pepper notes). Burn time is slightly longer than the other cigars mentioned due to it’s density and immaculate construction but one should still be able to smoke most of the stick within 30-35 minutes at the very max.

So as you can see, these cigars are perfect to enjoy for those 30 minute cigar smoking breaks or before you got to be somewhere or get your day started, all regardless of the task at hand.




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