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Camacho Triple Maduro: A Review by Ken York

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Camacho’s Triple Maduro claims to be strong – it is. Not quite strong enough to wake up married to a waitress missing her front teeth, but definitely strong enough to give you a buzz and having you stumbling around light headed. My preference is for medium to strong cigars, but every so often you have to smoke an ass-kicker like the Triple Maduro to reestablish your manliness.

The label’s slug line says, ‘Built Bold’ and ‘It’s a big bold smoke.’ No lie there – finally truth in advertising. The label, black and silver, is a no-nonsense testament to what you are about to smoke. The wrapper is dark brown and has a first-rate oily sheen. A quick sniff and its rich tobacco is intoxicating. The cigar is firm throughout and big enough that its size will scare women and small children.

The first puff lets you know you’re in for a rich strong smoke. The smoke is thick and flavorful. The flavor is creamy, earthy, and woodsy.  There are spices in the flavor that some have described as chocolaty. I lean more towards coffee. Whatever the flavors are it’s rich, strong, and pleasant. The Triple Maduro demands a strong drink to go with it, either a straight whiskey or a stout beer. I had an oatmeal stout beer with mine. As the cigar progressed I had some canoeing, but a quick application of the lighter and it rapidly evened out. It’s not for the faint-at-heart, but it is fun to explore this powerful cigar.


Factor Description Possible Score Score
Construction Fresh out of the humidor, how does the cigar look? Are large veins evident in the wrapper? Does the cigar have a firm feel to it? 1-15 15
Band Is the band an embarrassment that you wouldn’t want to smoke in public? 1-5 5
First Puff How satisfying is the very first puff of the cigar? 1-10 9
Draw Can the cigar be smoked without strain? Does it burn up too quickly? 1-15 14
Flavor Does it achieve all three notes? Does the flavor come through to the smoker sufficiently? 1-20 18
Aroma Is the aroma of the cigar while burning fragrant or offensive? 1-10 9
Ash/Burn Does the cigar produce a solid ash? Is it flaky? Does it canoe? 1-10 9
Value Bucks per puff. For the enjoyment is the cigar reasonably priced? 1-15 11
Possible Score 100 90


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