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Can Other Scents in Your Home Interfere with Your Cigar Smoking?

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Cigars are an awesome treat for those who enjoy smoking. If you often want to smoke cigars, then you know that their aroma can be quite pleasing and relaxing. The cigar smoke can often interfere with other smells in the home, cause them to become overbearing, and detract from your enjoyment of the cigar smoke. It can be very distracting to the senses and often creates an irritating environment that makes it difficult to enjoy the smell of the cigar. Some people who enjoy cigars have a separate room where they will smoke if possible.

Scents You Need to Be Aware of and Their Effects

Time to now discuss some ways for which other scents in your home can interfere with your cigar smoking, and also make it less enjoyable than usual.

#1: The Smell of Scented Candles

A common way that the smell of cigars can be overpowered is by using a scented candle in your home. These candles can be used for many purposes, but most commonly for decoration or making an area smell more appealing. The candle's scent can often be overbearing and create a distracting aroma that can interfere with your cigar smoking. If you have a scented candle in your home, try to avoid lighting it while making a cigar. The smell from the candle will often become overpowering and create a very unpleasant atmosphere where you may find yourself having a hard time enjoying your cigar and getting distracted by the smell.

#2: Using Cleaners that Overpower Cigar Smells

Most people in the home will find cleaning around their house to be helpful. However, many of these cleaners can move quickly, power the smells in your home, and make them even more challenging to enjoy. The scent of any cleaning product can quickly become overbearing, making it difficult to enjoy your cigar without being distracted by the smell. If you use cleaners to clean the home, you should avoid using them while smoking a cigar. Instead, try to find ways to remove the cleaner's smell rather than attacking it with cleaning products.

#3: The Smell of Your Cooking

You may like to cook but prefer to avoid the smell of cigars. If you find the scent from your cooking too overbearing and distracting, try to avoid lighting up a cigar while cooking. The smell from cooking can be powerful and overpowering, which can cause you to have a hard time enjoying your cigar when doing so. Instead, try finding ways to remove the smell of the cooking rather than being distracted by it.

#4: Smell of Your Pets

If you have pets in your home, you may notice that their smell can become highly distracting when combined with a cigar. The natural scent from these animals can often be powerful, which will cause it to be overpowering when combined with the smell of a cigar. The smoke from the cigar will often make this even more of a problem, making it harder to enjoy your cigar without overpowering scents being present. If you have pets in your home, then try avoiding smoking while they are around. This will help to prevent the smell from them overwhelming your cigar smoking and causing a very distracting environment that is very hard to enjoy.

#5: Use of Incense

When it comes to enjoying a cigar, best to avoid using any incense present in the room where you are smoking. Incense is one of the worst culprits when it comes to causing the smell of a cigar to be completely overpowering and distracting. The scents from perfume are often powerful and can cause people to have a hard time enjoying the smells of anything else in the room. This would be a problem since many people enjoy smoking cigars in their homes regularly, making it impossible for you to enjoy it if incense is present.

#6: A Plant’s Aroma in the Home

If you live in a home with many plants, avoid the smell of these plants when smoking. This can cause quite an overbearing feeling since the plant scents can often be powerful and overwhelming. If you have plants or flowers in your home, try avoiding them while smoking a cigar. This will help ensure you can enjoy the cigar without feeling like the smell of plants is distracting you.

#7: Clothing Items That Have a Strong Scent

If you like to wear cologne or perfume, you should avoid it while smoking a cigar. This can often be problematic because many people use scented items as part of their daily routine. Many people enjoy using scented soaps, shampoos, and body washes because they help to make them smell nice and feel good on their skin. If you like to use cologne or perfume, you should avoid using it while smoking a cigar because the smell can often be too overpowering and distracting.

Final Scented Thoughts

Smoke is capable of overpowering the senses, which can make it very hard to enjoy anything else. This is true with the smell of a cigar, which will often be completely overbearing in most situations. You can do certain things in your home that will help to ensure the cigar's smell does not distract you. You should avoid using scented candles or cleaning materials while smoking a cigar. These items can usually make the scent of a cigar much stronger, which will cause it to be very distracting. It would help if you tried avoiding certain plants and incense while smoking a cigar.

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