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Can The Hot Weather Affect Your Cigars?

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Hot Weather

One thing that’s important to know when you decide to become a cigar smoker is that something as simple as the weather can really affect your smoking experience, which is one reason smokers tend to carry and protect their cigars in humidors, but I’m not going to get into the depths of that. I want to explain exactly why and how hot weather and humidity can affect tur cigars and ruin your smoking experience.

First things first, it’s vital to know that cigars already maintain a moisture level of about 12% -15%. This is so that the richness and taste don’t dull away. Take into consideration though that when your moisture levels in a cigar don’t fall in between those ranges, it destroys the taste of the cigar, the aroma of it, and even the smoke isn’t the same because it just doesn’t burn correctly.

Cigars can have a tendency to draw in a lot of moisture if it is in an extremely damp or hot environment. Something like being outside in the rain while a cigar is left inside of your bag can destroy the cigar. You see, it can become wet enough to the point that it cannot even be smoked at all resulting in a waste of money and a bad smoking experience.

It’s also not safe to smoke a damp cigar because you’re inhaling the moisture into your lungs as well, which if done often over the course of time, can negatively impact your health. I always suggest properly protecting your cigars and keeping them somewhere that’s within room temperature. That way, you can ensure the safety of your cigar(s) if you don’t own a humidor, which can help keep your cigars at its best.

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