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Can The Shape of a Cigar Effect Your Smoking Experience?

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Nothing beats the relaxing feel of sitting back and smoking your favorite cigar. Whether you’re a new or a long term smoker, you’ll likely find that you’ve favorites when it comes to size, wrapper type and even shape. Now, speaking of the shape, you may not realize that the shape of that cigar affects the overall experience you have. Different shapes can lead to different mouth feels and even different tastes.

The most common cigar shape is something called Parejos, which is a type of cylindrical shape. It usually features some type of wrapper that contains the head or the end that you place inside your mouth, and you’ll need to remove the covered end before smoking. This shape also features an open area at the end with the tobacco packed down inside. This is the most common shape because smokers find that it lets them get the most out of the flavor of the cigar. They can remove more or less of the head to get more or less flavor as needed. Some designs feature smaller or larger foots or heads, including Corona, Robusto and Churchill shapes.

The term Figurados refers to any type of cigar shape outside of the traditional cylindrical shape. This includes pyramid cigars that have a closed head and an end that comes down into a point and torpedo cigars that have two tapered ends and a larger and more bulbous section in the middle. There is also something called a Culebra, which features three separate cigars that manufacturers braid and wrap together into one single cigar.

As there are so many different types of Figurados, you’ll typically find that each type offers a different smoking experience. Cheap Christmas Island car rental Though torpedo cigars were popular for a number of years, you’ll have a hard time finding one today because smokers eventually found that it didn’t provide the full flavor they wanted. Pyramid cigars give you a more concentrated flavor because the pointed or tapered end helps pack the tobacco together more efficiently.

Experimenting with different shapes is the best way to find which has the best smoking experience for you.

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