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Can the Time of Day or the Environment Affect Your Cigar?

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Cigar smoking is always fashionable, it never gets outdated. It’s every cigar smoker’s wish to always have their cigars in a great condition and always have a great cigar smoking experience. However, in order to achieve this, cigar smokers should learn of the various factors that affect their cigars and experience.

Time of Day

One of the factors that affect your cigar and cigar smoking experience is the time of day at which you choose to smoke. Mornings, especially, before are usually best in enhancing your cigar smoking experience. This is because at this time, you have not clouded your taste buds with other foods and drinks. Therefore, it is easy to get that great bud hit from your cigar. Also, it energizes you for the day.

Evening are also a great time to smoke your cigar. This is because they help you unwind and kick off the day’s style in stress. Also, in the evenings you can accompany your cigar smoking with a whiskey or brandy as you relax. This heighten your cigar smoking experience.

Also, during the time of day where there’s no wind may help enhance your cigar smoking experience. This way, you can be buried in your cloud of smoke.

The Environment

The environment is also one of the factors that affect your cigars and your cigar smoking experience. Constant changes in environmental conditions, especially, humidity affects the cigar in that it causes unraveling of wrappers. Unraveling wrappers are every cigar smoker’s nightmare.

A cold or chilly environment also tends to affect the cigar. In cold weather the oils in your cigar’s wrapper dry out hence leaving your wrapper dry. And, dry wrappers is equal to peeling wrappers. If, you wrappers is peeling, it means that the flavor of your cigar becomes compromised. This is because wrappers contribute much to the flavor of your cigar. Also, I don’t think anyone would enjoy smoking a cigar with a messy wrapper. It is just messy and very unattractive.

It’s important that as a cigar smoker, you always knows how to handle, store and smoke cigars in the right environment and time of day. This way, your cigars will always be in great shape and your vaping experience will always be great. Also, it is good that you always keep your cigars protected from harsh environments by storing them in calibrated humidors.

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