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Can You Really Take Two Different CBD Products at the Exact Same Time?

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If you’re trying to maximize your daily hemp routine, you’re likely paying careful attention to the delivery method you’ve chosen, the milligram strength you’re going with and the number of doses you consume per day.  Now, a lot of people are finding a new way to increase their CBD experience, and it’s by doubling up on products.  That’s right –more hemp users are using two different delivery methods at the same time for specific effects.


Why It’s Totally Fine to Double Up on CBD

We know that some people may be hesitant about taking two CBD products at the same time, because they don’t know what will happen if they consume such a high dose.  Well, allow us to assure you that hemp is nontoxic to the body, and lots of people take very high doses of CBD daily.  Therefore, there’s no reason to be highly concerned about combining products.


Things to Know Before Combining CBD Products

Now, let’s talk about what must be considered when adjusting your routine to accommodate two different CBD products.


#1: Each Delivery Method Has its Own Absorption Rate

The first thing to keep in mind is that each type of delivery method absorbs at its own unique rate.  This means that no two delivery methods will peak at the same time.  Therefore, taking two CBD products together does not mean that you’ll suddenly experience a powerful peak in the system all at once.


Tinctures: CBD tinctures tend to peak between 15 and 45 minutes based on the milligram strength and your unique bodily chemistry. Tinctures tend to wear off in a couple of hours.

Vape Oils: CBD vape oils tend to kick in within just a few minutes, and this is due to the nature of inhalation, which allows those compounds to be very potent and act very fast. However, effects may decline rapidly after 45 minutes.

Snuff: CBD snuff seems to work instantly for many people, and this is due to the unique nature of this specific absorption method. Snuff is very potent compared to other methods, so bear this in mind.

CBD Flower: The absorption rate of smoking or inhaling CBD flower is basically the same as that of vaping a CBD oil.


#2: The Milligram Strength Makes a Difference

Now, remember that when combining CBD products, it’s the milligram strength of each that determines how potent your experience will be overall.  Therefore, choose your milligram strengths wisely so that you can experience the exact potency level that you desire based on your needs and goals.  Don’t be afraid to experiment as everyone responds differently to individual milligram strengths.


#3: Quality is Key

It’s extremely important that you go with quality products from a reputable company.  We always recommend checking out third-party lab reports from a brand before committing to making a purchase.  These lab reports come from an unbiased source and verify the quality in ways that can’t be done elsewhere.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to look for reviews about the company before buying from them.


Final Thoughts

If you want to kick your hemp regimen up a notch, we suggest looking into doubling up on CBD products each day.  By taking two different delivery methods at the same time, you can enjoy the unique effects of each in a way that’s complementary.  Use this guide to go about in the right way for the best potential results.

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