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CAO Brazilia Amazon

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Among cigar manufacturers, CAO is perhaps one of the most famous brands in existence.  Formed in 1968 in Nashville, TN, CAO takes its name from the initials of its founder, Cano A. Ozgener.  Originally the company crafted humidors and smoking pipes, but they decided to shift their business to premium cigars.  After some starts and stops they achieved great success, and are now one of the biggest names in premium cigars.  The CAO Brazilia Amazon is prime example of the quality creations which have granted them this reputation.

The CAO Brazilia Amazon is a 6×60 Toro with a Brazilian wrapper and a filler and binder from Nicaragua.  The cigar isn’t too expensive; a single stick sells for around $6.00.  This cigar is a full bodied maduro which packs a distinctive flavor and produces a ton of aromatic smoke.  Being a large cigar and a strong smoke, this isn’t one for beginners, but should make a lot of aficionados of strong cigars very happy.

The Brazilia Amazon has a great construction which draws just right and burns evenly, producing some nice ash.  The flavors are distinctive and dynamic and include leathery, nutty notes and elements of spice.  You’ll also taste citrus, cedar and a bit of pepper.  The complexity of the flavors evolves over the duration and produces a memorable and enjoyable experience.  This cigar produces a hefty amount of smoke which has quite a distinct and recognizable aroma.

At $6.00 or so a stick this cigar will cost you a bit, but it’s well worth the price; if you can get a good deal on it, even better.  The CAO Brazilia Amazon provides a unique and complex smoking experience which stands out from other cigars.  It represents yet another cigar in a line which has made CAO the success it is today. .

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