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CBD for Back Spasms

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Are you dealing with back spasms that just don’t seem to let up?  Believe it or not, back spasms are extremely common, especially as we get older.  Back spasms tend to be a symptom rather than a condition in and of itself, so figuring out how to treat the underlying cause is key.

That’s why we’ll be talking in-depth about back spasms, why they occur and how they are typically treated.  However, the main purpose of this article is to discuss the ways in which CBD has the potential to help address this common issue in a natural way, by possibly helping with the root cause.  Then, we will walk you through the steps involved to use hemp in the best way.

What are Back Spasms?

Back spasms are intermittent spasms within the muscular tissue of the back.  It feels like a twitch of the muscle, only more severe.  Most often, back spasms are painful as they disrupt the nerves along the back.  They can vary in severity and can be short-lived or chronic.

Like we said earlier, back spasms are considered a symptom rather than a condition.  This means that if you have back spasms, you must determine the cause.

What Causes Back Spasms?

There are many reasons why a person may have back spasms.  A common reason is some type of injury, whether it be a muscle strain caused by overuse or overexertion, or an injury caused by some form of trauma.  Spasms can actually occur due to years of poor posture as well, as poor posture realigns the muscular tissue of the back, causing it to interfere with nerve function.

Other causes of back spasms are neurological disorders that interfere with healthy nerve function, as well as dietary deficiencies and dehydration.  One of the most common dietary culprits is an electrolyte imbalance, as our muscular tissue requires minerals in order to function properly.

What are the Symptoms of Back Spasms?

Back spasms are, technically, a symptom, but they can be accompanied by other symptoms.  Most often, back spasms are accompanied by pain.  However, they can also be accompanied by a limited range of motion, or even a loss of mobility.  Other symptoms may be present depending on the underlying cause.  For instance, spasms caused by dehydration will often be accompanied by other signs of dehydration, such as dizziness and fatigue.

How are Back Spasms Diagnosed?

The first thing that a doctor will do in order to diagnose back spasms is to examine the back itself, often using an X-ray machine.  This will help them determine whether or not the spasms are caused by an injury.  They will also likely order bloodwork in order to determine if the cause is dietary. 

How are Back Spasms Treated?

A doctor will treat back spasms depending on the root cause.


If back spasms are caused by an injury or poor posture, a doctor may suggest that the patient sees a chiropractor.  Chiropractors manipulate the musculoskeletal system to alleviate certain types of back-related issues.


Medications may be prescribed depending on the severity of the back spasms.  Medications may include painkillers and muscle relaxers.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be prescribed if the back spasms are caused by some type of injury.  Physical therapy involves the use of certain exercises and stretches to heal the muscle that is affected.

Dietary Changes

If the back spasms are caused by a nutritional deficiency or by dehydration, a doctor will suggest that the patient make certain changes to their diet.

Ice and Rest

If back spasms are caused by a recent injury, a doctor may recommend that the patient ice the affected area and rest the muscles of the back as much as possible until they heal on their own.

Can CBD Help with Back Spasms?

Science shows that CBD, the hemp-derived natural wellness product, has the potential to help with back spasms.

The Endocannabinoid System

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system in their body, and this system regulates every bodily system in order to regulate each process, including pain levels, nervous system function and inflammation.  The endocannabinoid system directly benefits from the intake of cannabinoids, as these cannabinoids are sent to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body in order to promote system regulation.

Because the endocannabinoid system is in charge of the body’s many processes, consuming it regularly may help the body regulate the muscular tissue and nerves that can be compromised enough to cause back spasms.

CBD for Pain and Spasms

Studies show that CBD has the strong potential to alleviate both severe pain and spasms due to the fact that there are cannabinoid receptors along the tissue of the back.  This means that the CBD directly feeds these cannabinoid receptors to potentially promote regulation, which supports healthier muscle tissue and nerve function.

CBD for the Nervous System

According to research, CBD has the potential to regulate the nervous system for healthier function of the nerves.  Because back spasms involve the nerves, it is possible that consuming cannabidiol can help minimize or even alleviate spasms altogether. 

Taking CBD to Potentially Help with Back Spasms

If you wish to potentially treat your back spasms by taking CBD, there are a few things that you must know. 

First, it’s very important that you find the right CBD company from which to purchase your products.  It is crucial that you go with a company that produces quality products, and that makes their lab reports available so that you can know for certain that the products are pure, potent, and legitimate.

Next, you must choose the right method of administration, as well as the concentration.  The concentration that is right for you depends on the severity of the situation.  Higher concentrations have more potential to alleviate more severe symptoms.  As far as the method of administration is concerned, we recommend using both a topical on the affected area, and a tincture that can work with the body as a whole.

It is highly suggested that you take CBD daily if you want the best results.  This allows it to build up in the body.  Also, always tell your doctor before you start a CBD regimen.

Allow CBD to Become that Potential Holistic Approach to Treating Back Pain

Back spasms are a common complaint, and often a sign of an underlying back injury.  Determining the cause is important in order to treat them properly.  However, research shows that CBD has the potential to help with back spasms due to its unique properties found in its fascinating chemical composition.  If you wish to try using CBD as a means to potentially alleviate back spasms, use the guide above to make sure that you do so in the proper manner.

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