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CBD Hemp Cigarettes: Why It’s Important That They Contain the Entire Bud

CBD Hemp Cigarettes

It is no surprise that many of our customers enjoy the CBD hemp cigarettes that we offer, as they are some of the best in quality throughout the market.  CBD hemp cigarettes seem simple on a surface level, as they only contain pure hemp within their papers, but the reality is that what’s inside can differ dramatically between one brand to the next.

What is a CBD Hemp Cigarette?

CBD hemp cigarettes are cigarettes that contain pure, raw hemp plant material rather than tobacco.  As a result, they are completely tobacco and nicotine-free, and serve as a means for enjoying the properties of the hemp plant while potentially acting as a great alternative to traditional cigarettes.

CBD hemp cigarettes are filtered just like traditional cigarettes, and almost always come in a pack of 20 that looks and feels identical to a pack of cigs.  They provide an immensely powerful delivery method that allows for the effects of CBD to take place within just moments of smoking, with the effects lasting for around an hour and being very potent compared to other methods of absorbing the plant into the body.

CBD hemp cigarettes may or may not be flavored, depending on the priorities of the company producing them.  Of course, the flavor experience always comes second to the properties of the hemp plant that we can experience when using this type of product, including properties that may help us feel calmer, more alert, and generally at ease.

What CBD Flower Actually Offers

So, what is the purpose of smoking raw CBD flower?  Well, like we referenced above, the hemp plant is rich in properties that come from both its cannabinoids and its terpenes, primarily.

  • Cannabinoids include cannabidiol (CBD), and there are actually over 100 distinct cannabinoids in the plant, with each one having the ability to regulate the function of the body by binding with cannabinoid receptors that belong to the endocannabinoid system.
  • Terpenes are secondary compounds in hemp that also promote desirable bodily responses while being responsible for the flavor and aroma of the plant, which many of us are familiar with.

Smoking raw CBD flower allows us to enjoy a full spectrum experience, which means that by consuming all of the compounds of the plant together, we may be able to experience stronger and more systemic effects than opting for a singular compound that exists in the plant.  This full spectrum experience is known as the entourage effect and can offer an amplified level of success due to how the compounds interact with one another in nature.  The entourage effect can only take place, however, if we consume the whole flower.

CBD Hemp Cigarettes: Why the Entire Bud Matters

As the entourage effect only exists when the entire flowering bud of the hemp plant is consumed at once, you can understand why CBD hemp cigarette manufacturers should always aim to use the entire bud of hemp.  But, not all do.  Often, it’s to save money, as it is easier to take some of the flower and blend it with other portions of the plant.

Now, we will take a look at the reasons why the entire bud is so important when it comes to hemp cigarettes.

Reason #1: The Stems, Leaves, and Stalks are Lacking in Compound Diversity and Richness

The flowering buds are easily the most sought-after part of the hemp plant, but not the only portion that can be cultivated.  Some companies may put ground up stems, leaves and stalks of hemp into their cigarettes, but this is a disservice to customers.  These portions of the plant are not where we can find the diverse array of useful compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes.  While the other portions of the plant contain nutrients, they water down the effects that we are looking for when we use CBD, thus making the experience far less likely to satisfy our needs.

Reason #2: Only the Entire Bud Satisfies Our Need for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Phytonutrients

Those tiny buds of the hemp plant contain hundreds of individual compounds that each offer something unique to our biological state.  Therefore, companies that use only portions of the bud in an effort to save money are not allowing us to feel the full entourage effect.  Just a tiny portion of the bud inevitably leaves out many of the desirable compounds that we believe we are getting when we smoke a CBD hemp cigarette.

Reason #3: Flavor Comes from the Whole Bud of the Hemp Plant

As we said, the terpene compounds in the buds of the hemp plant provide the flavor and aroma that the plant has become known for.  If not all of the terpenes are present in the product, then we will only experience some of the full flavor profile of the plant.  This can leave us feeling disappointed, and can even make us wonder whether or not the product is potent enough to suit our needs, as a weaker aroma often indicates that the plant is no longer fresh and has degraded.

Choosing Whole-Bud CBD Hemp Cigarettes at BnB Tobacco

When it comes to enjoying the properties of the hemp plant, the best way to feel satisfied is to enjoy the entire bud, which is the only means for getting a true full spectrum experience.  And, the only real way to know that you’re getting the entire bud in your pack of CBD cigs is to buy the product from a trusted manufacturer that has a reputation for integrity and doesn’t cut corners.

Fortunately, at BnB Tobacco, we only offer CBD hemp cigarettes that contain the full buds of the hemp plant, so you do not have to worry about what you’re going to get.  We offer many unique CBD cigarettes that all have the ability to promote the entourage effect by containing 100% whole CBD flower.

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