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Celebrate The Birth of a Child With A Cigar

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Enjoying a good cigar is a traditional way to celebrate various life-changing events like the birth of a first-born child. This is a blessed occasion that deserves special recognition. Handing out a favorite cigar or one especially chosen to commemorate the day leaves a lasting impression.

Inhabitants in Central America, South America and the Caribbean smoked handmade rolled tobacco leaves. They brought that tradition to the new world of America. It soon became a custom of Indians in the New World to give handmade cigars as prized gifts. In the socialized world, expectant fathers paced and smoked to pass the time. Once the baby was born, it became a custom to share a victory smoke with others by passing out cigars. Cigars were expensive and not many men could afford them back then. Giving out cigars for the birth of a child was a treat to share with others.

Nowadays, there are so many cigar brands to choose from that it can be confusing. Fathers-to-be should look for premium cigars that are affordable but not too cheap. Cheap cigars leave an undesirable aftertaste and have short burn times. Flavors should be mellow and smooth, yet rich and creamy. The aroma should be soft and not overpowering. Light-colored bands symbolize a lighter tasting stogie that is better for new smokers. Some are individually wrapped for freshness and may sport blue or pink labels with It’s A Boy or It’s A Girl printing.

A special event in someone’s life deserves a unique way to recognize it. Celebrating parenthood with a cigar is a personal way to include friends and family in the emotions of the day. This tradition celebrates the birth of a son or daughter, and the scent of the cigar chosen for that day will be remembered for a lifetime.

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