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Check Out These 3 Travel Humidors!

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If you're as passionate about travelling as you are fine cigars, you've come to the right place. Our collection of travel-friendly humidors are designed to enhance your cigar-smoking experience while you're on the road. Their compact sizes allow them to slip into most travel bags with ease. Most importantly, they'll protect your precious cigars while you're away from home.


The Cigar Caddy Black Travel Humidor


The Cigar Caddy Black Travel Humidor is the perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts who never know where their travels will take them. This cigar humidor can withstand a wide range of weather conditions while keeping your cigars safe and secure. If your travel route is filled with bumpy roads and rough terrains, this is the humidor that you need. This heavy-duty black box is made with extremely durable materials in order to keep your cigars safe from harm. It can hold up to forty cigars at a time, making it an excellent choice if you like to travel for long stretches of time. Secure locks ensure that your cigars will stay put during your journey.


Cigar Caddy Camouflage Travel Humidor


If your traveling style revolves around outdoor pursuits, the Cigar Caddy Camouflage Travel Humidor is an excellent choice. The camouflage design on the humidor's exterior reflects the rugged lifestyle of a man who likes to spend plenty of time outdoors. This highly portable humidor is perfect for camping trips, hunting trips and long afternoons spent catching fish. It can hold five cigars at a time. This humidor is remarkably sturdy, giving it the ability to keep your precious cigars safe regardless of the weather and the roughness of your commute. Two locks on the lid of this humidor ensure that your cigars won't be exposed to rough conditions while you're away from home.


Traveler Humidor


For a more traditional cigar lover, there's the Traveler Humidor, an elegant and timeless humidor for all of your transportation needs. This sleek mahogany box is made of extremely durable wood, meaning that you can take your humidor with you everywhere without worrying about it breaking or being damaged by poor weather conditions. It boasts a glass top that allows you to admire your collection of cigars while the box is closed. It can hold one hundred cigars at a time, making it a great choice for cigar enthusiasts who are always on the go. Suresal technology ensures that the Travel Humidor is properly sealed.


Whether you're a rugged outdoors man or a fan of timeless, elegant styles, there's a travel-friendly humidor for you at BnB Tobacco.


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