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Cigar Term to Know: Full-Bodied

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If your favorite person is an aficionado (devotee of something special) like cigars, it simply means he or she won’t settle for anything less. It also means you had better find the right cigar for that special person. But keep in mind and remember that old adage: “You get what you pay for.” Yet, paying a small fortune for a cigar doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice. Many folks prefer mild to medium-body cigars, so be careful since there are thousands of cigar choices out there in “cigar-smoking” land.

That said, cigars can have tremendous differences in body and strength that range from having a light color with medium-body strength. New smokers being introduced to cigars usually search for a mild to medium cigar that comes in a light brown wrapper. We mention the word wrapper because the darker the wrap, the stronger the smoke. Beginners should also choose a cigar that comes in a minimum 5 inch size and 46 ring. These beauties have a more mellow taste without burning too hot.

“Full-bodied” (full strength) cigar smokers have a tendency to tie bold flavors to cigars with intense strength. This is to achieve a relaxing “buzz” they’re looking for. For these smokers, this is what’s called a “full-bodied package.” In recent studies about cigar smoking preferences, most experienced long-term smokers enjoy and choose those full strength and full-bodies cigars. Actually, it has been found that there are plenty of full-bodied mild cigars sold every day, even here at BnB Tobacco.

Note: The term full-bodied doesn’t mean full strength. The strength of a cigar only translates to the amount of nicotine the seller jammed into that cigar. The word “body” is determined via the entire cigar smoking experience combing strength along with flavor. Ergo, your taste buds will know.

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