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Cigarillos: Enjoy a Smaller Type of Cigar

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Cigarillo is a Spanish term used to describe a narrow and short cigar. They differ from cigarettes in that they are wrapped in dark tobacco leaves or a tobacco based paper that is brown. They are smaller than a traditional cigar and larger than a normal sized cigarette. Sometimes they are made sans filters and are not meant to be inhaled, but rather smoked similar to a cigar. The amount of tobacco in a cigarillo is around three grams, and the length can vary from four to three inches. The diameter ranges from five to eight millimeters. Since cigarillos are smoked in larger quantities, it is rare you will find them in humidors. Cigarillos for sale tend to have a very short shelf life, and can be purchased as singles or in packages. In Europe a cigarillo is known as a seven minute cigar since they can be smoked in about seven minutes. That is partially why they are immensely popular; their speed of consumption is swift.

There Are Different Flavors of Cigarillos
Since a cigarillo is considered to be a ‘small cigar’ they come in many different flavors. They are marketed to be a more tasteful substitute than smoking cigarettes. The flavors can vary per cigar company, as well. Some may be sweeter than others, while more robust flavors are quite common.

Cigarillo Flavors Vary and Include:

  • Cherry
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Apple
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Strawberry
  • Peach

The Differences between Cigarettes and Cigarillos
Cigarillos should not be inhaled like the smoke of cigarettes. A cigarillo contains a tobacco content that is three times higher than the content of tobacco in a cigarette. The blend of the tobaccos is what determines the taste and quality of a cigarillo too. So it does not necessarily mean that a cigarillo is going to taste better just because it contains more tobacco. Most of the tobacco used to roll cigarillos is from Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The tobacco leaf that is used to wrap a cigarillo normally comes from a different area than the tobacco used to fill it.  An exceptional cigarillo that is premium among smokers is the Ashton Mini Cigarillo. It is made with tobacco from the European Union. They are wrapped with leaves of the finest quality from Africa that make these cigarillos outstanding. Cigarillo smoking aficionados may have different tastes. When you try your first cigarillo be sure to be adventurous and try all kinds of diverse flavors.

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