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Cigars: Does Size Really Matter?

Ask a handful of cigar smokers if the size or shape of a cigar makes a difference, and you may get a handful of different answers. This debate has long perplexed cigar makers and smokers alike. Is there some truth to the thoughts that a larger cigar tastes better? Or one rolled tighter produces better flavor? Does it all come down to personal preference?

Regardless of your preference, the draw of a cigar is very important. Under-filled cigars may result in a draw that produces little smoke. It may also cause smoke to pass through too quickly giving you a bitter or burnt taste ruining the flavor all together. On the other hand, if your cigar is tightly packed, you will have difficulty drawing smoke at all. In fact, you will probably have trouble keeping it lit. This is especially true when you partake in a large ring cigar. The bigger the ring on a cigar, the larger the cigar body. Cigars with a larger gauge are harder to roll. The only types more difficult to roll than a large ring are the very long and slender types.

If you ask experts, the majority will point to the 44 ring sized cigar as the best for a first-time smoker. As for flavor dictated by size and shape, many state that corona yields the perfect wrapper/ fill ratio giving the smoker a pleasant experience. Smokers seem to agree that Coronas are a definite way to really experience a cigar. Cigars above a 50 ring seem to be less favored since they are unpredictable. The inconsistencies found in the fill return mixed reviews. Wider cigars are more difficult to light and keep lit altering the flavor through a crooked burn.

So why even make a larger and wider cigar? Some claim the extra room gives you the option to add more types of fill giving you fuller and more diverse blends. The increased volume of smoke from a large ring can give you endless enjoyable flavor possibilities, if you can keep it lit. If you like to kick back for a long period of time and relax with a smoke, then a bigger ring may be best. Others find the smoke level overpowering or the nicotine leaves them with an unpleasant buzz. However, if you want a quicker smoke because of time restrictions, then a smaller ring makes sense.

With so much variety in the shape and size of a cigar, your best bet is to experiment and see what you personally prefer. Try different blends and sizes to find which ring suits your palate the greatest.

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