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Cigars Online: How the Internet Has Influenced Cigar Culture

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With the internet a number of industries have been heavily influenced. One of these industries is the cigar industry. The most obvious area of influence is the ability for consumers to buy cigars online. The internet has also provided a number of people with lots of exposure about this product and has therefore given them opportunities to purchase, research and also discuss the many products that are currently on the market. By using the internet people are able to get more involved in learning about all of the cigar products on the market and therefore be in position to get the cigar of their choice. Therefore the internet has provided consumers with new ways to explore and participate in the consumption and use of cigars.


Buying Cigars Online

The first way on how the internet has influenced the cigar industry is by enabling people to research cigars online. With the internet people can learn more about this product in terms of its history, its origin and also what the best cigars are available on the market. People can access a number of websites that will allow them to learn about the size, taste and also the materials that make up cigars. They will also have the opportunity to learn about what to look for when purchasing a cigar. With the ability to learn more about cigars, people have benefited greatly by the influence created by the internet.

Discussing Cigars Online

Another way in which the internet has influenced the cigar industry is by allowing people to discuss all of the cigars on message boards, Facebook groups, and other social websites like the extremely popular /r/cigars subreddit board created for discussing cigars online. With the internet people can review a number of cigar products and talk to each other about them. This allows individuals to learn more about the best options and also get insight about the experiences that people have when using cigars. The internet has allowed people to evaluate a number of cigar products and then inform others about the quality, price and also the taste of different cigar products. Thanks to the internet, they are able to learn through personal experiences about cigars online.

Selling Cigars Online

Finally, the internet has influenced the cigar industry through creating more availability. By selling cigars online, cigar companies can more easily sell their products and therefore expand their customer base. As a result the internet has helped benefit the cigar industry in terms of exposure. When buying cigars online, the internet allows people to look at and purchase a number of cigar products more easily and therefore enable them to also get the ideal cigar, giving them a range of options beyond what their local shop might carry. It also allows them to avoid settling for cigars of mediocre quality or ones that lack variety in terms of taste.


A new online cigar industry has been shaped in a number of ways by the internet. First the cigar industry has been influenced in terms of profitability and business exposure. The internet allows cigar companies to promote more of their products as well as earn more money. With the internet’s influence, cigar companies have been able to allow people to talk about their products through personal experience which helps others more easily evaluate the options available to them in terms of cigars. Lastly the internet has influenced the cigar industry in terms of providing information. Nowadays people can research the cigar products more easily and therefore learn more about them. This knowledge will allow them to make better decisions in terms of purchasing the ideal cigar product.

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