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Combine Halloween Costumes and Cigars For Great Fun

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Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress as their favorite characters and go trick or treating. Adults also can sport a costume of their favorite person and enjoy the festivities. For cigar enthusiasts, there are a wide selection of famous people to choose from that a favorite cigar can be included as an accessory. Dressing without the favored stogie would lessen the authenticity of the costume. It’s also a way to enjoy your favorite past time without looking out of place.

Comedian and actor Groucho Marx was not a heavy smoker but did enjoy a good cigar. He smoked Cuban La Preferencias and later enjoyed Dunhill 411 and Havanas after becoming famous. George Burns was a devout El Producto smoker.

Baseball legend Babe Ruth owned his own cigar factory and smoked Babe Ruth Perfecto that was named in his honor. Gangster Al Capone was known to light up Cuban Havanas and Cohibas. Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers the brands Punch, Cohiba, Davidoff, Romeo y Julietas and Hoyo de Monterrey.

Gomez Addams played by John Astin on the Addams Family smoked Garcia y Vega and Dutch Masters on and off the set. Munsters Grandpa played by Al Lewis on the Munsters television show preferred Montecristo and Dunhill. Archie Bunker played by Carroll O’Connor in the All in the Family television sitcom smoked Montecruz 210 and Macanudo Baron de Rothschilds on and off the set. Columbo played by Peter Falk preferred cheap cigars like White Owl.

Dressing as a stogie-smoking character has to include a cigar as a prop. Depending on the character, the cigar was just used as a prop and added sophistication and class to the role. On the other hand, many actors included their passion for cigars with the character they were portraying.

So celebrate this upcoming Halloween  by dressing up as a favorite famous cigar smoker. Doing so promotes their passion for cigars as well as the one who is wearing the outfit. Get even more into the role by splurging and treating yourself to the same cigar that the character smoked. That’d truly make it a Halloween to remember.

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