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Decoding the Myths of E-Cigs

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5-ecig-mythis-debunkedEven though electronic cigarettes have been on the American market since 2007, many people still question what they really are and how they hold up as an alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette. For customers that are seeking a high quality smoking option that does not contain tobacco, researching and looking into the different premium electronic cigarette options that are available on the market today may be just what you need. Read on to learn the truth about electronic cigarettes.

Myth #1: E-Cigarettes are more addictive than regular cigarettes.
This myth is just not true. Although you can purchase electronic cigarettes with different amounts of nicotine, you will not crave nicotine any more than if you smoked a traditional cigarette with tobacco.

Myth #2: Vapor from e-cigarettes is harmful like second-hand smoke from regular cigarettes.
This myth is also untrue. The vapor from an e-cig is literally just vapor, and it does not contain any smoke, tobacco, or any other byproduct. The vapor from an e-cigarette is also free from any smell, lingering odor, and any other content that would upset bystanders.

Myth #3: Most e-cigs are more expensive than traditional cigarettes.
Of course, this statement depends on which electronic cigarette brand you are buying, but for the most part, most e-cigs are priced reasonably. With most brands offering disposable and rechargeable kits, you may even notice that you are saving money that you used to spend on packs of traditional cigarettes.

Myth #4: E-Cigs are just as bad for as regular cigarettes.
Although most electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, e-cigs without nicotine are available. The reason why e-cigs are not as dangerous as traditional cigarettes is because there are no additives. Regular cigarette smoke includes thousands of different chemicals, and up to 70 of these smoke constituents can cause smoking related diseases.

Myth #5 E-Cigs taste bad.
With the numerous amounts of flavors available for electronic cigarettes, you will most likely find a flavor that you really love. Since everyone has different tastes and different opinions of what is good and what isn’t, the abundance of different flavors make the electronic cigarette a great option for those looking to explore new tastes.

A Final Note
With all this information at your disposal, you can now decide if you think trying out an electronic cigarette is right for you. E-cigs have been said to help traditional cigarette smokers to stop smoking, and they may be a great option for you to look into if you are trying to move away from tobacco. What’s great about them is that it makes you feel as if you actually smoking a regular cigarette, but you are not exposing yourself to all of the harmful chemicals found in a traditional cigarette.

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