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Diamond Crown 7 Maduro Review by Jared York

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I wish to start by telling all my soon to be loyal readers that I am not a blogger in the typical sense. I never post on the internet and I don’t have a Facebook page, what I am is a bartender who loves to ride Harleys and smoke cigars. The reason that I have decided to break my self-imposed vow of internet silence is to tell the world about the great moments that can be experienced by smoking cigars. The guys at BnB Tobacco have given me this chance!

So the first cigar that I got to smoke as a cigar blogger is the Diamond crown #7 Maduro. It has a great look to it, dark rich chocolate color, no raised tobacco veins. The construction of the cigar is great, the band is simple yet classic and smokers in the know will always recognize it. A problem that I have come across in other cigars is that when you snip of the end the wrapper starts to unravel a bit. This drives me crazy and sets a less than pleasant mood for the start of the smoke. Diamond Crown did not have this issue the cut was clean and the pre-light draw test was great. For those who don’t know this is the fake puff you take, before you light. It’s a bit odd to see, but it’s how you judge how it will smoke.

The first puff is everything you can hope for: rich flavor, full mouth enveloping smoke. As I smoke puff after satisfying puff I take a sip of scotch, this is the moment that I love. The complete and total relaxation almost meditation-like state that comes with cigars. The burn is almost perfection itself, slow and steady, this comes from proper ageing of the tobacco leaves and the steady hand of a master roller. The ash is the off white that comes from a dark maduro and stays solid until you tap it into the ashtray.
So how would I score this smoke? We rate smokes on a possible score of 100 points.

Construction: 13 points (1-15)
Band: 5 points (1-5)
First Puff: 9 points (1-10)
Draw: 13 points (1-15)
Flavor: 18 points (1-20)
Aroma: 9 Points (1-10)
Ash: 10 points (1-10)
Value: 13 points (1-15)

Total: 90 points

The price for this moment of enjoyment, for make no mistake that is what cigars are—moments of enjoyment. It retails for around 15.00 dollars, not a cheap smoke by any means. Yet in my simple opinion it is a steal! The smoke was full of flavor and tasted amazing from first to last puff, no splits and perfect burn. It’s a great treat and any smoker would love it as a gift.

Oh by the way – don’t forget to check out the review of this cigar by my father.

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