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Diamond Crown No. 7 Maduro Review – Ken York

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The Diamond Crown No. 7 Maduro is a great cigar that would go well while relaxing with friends. It is not harsh or over-bearing. The maduro wrapper conjured images of the Caribbean, Calypso bands, and that really tall guy who played Baron Samedi, the witch doctor, in the 007 movie ‘Live and Let Die.’ As a matter of fact I usually use cigar smoking as a time to reflect or visit with friends, but I could definitely watch that movie again while enjoying this cigar and Kraken on the rocks. Life is short. If you think avoiding a good cigar and drink will add years to your life, remember those extra years come at the bad end. ENJOY LIFE, Dos Equis York.

Construction – 13 out of 15

Nice construction, very dark Maduro wrapper. The wrapper is a little veiny, a common trait of maduro wrappers, but there are no heavy raised veins. You can tell only the best leaves were used. It has an excellent smell and is solidly made. Slightly oily.

Band – 5 out of 5

The band is clearly recognizable as a Diamond Crown, not ostentacious.

First Puff – 8 out of 10

With some maduro cigars the first puff is often very strong. Not the case with the Nr. 7. It’s smooth and not heavy at all. The twice cured maduro Connecticut Fermented Wrapper gives it a slightly sweet taste.

Draw – 15 out of 15

A smooth draw. The cigar is even burning.

Flavor – 18 out of 20

This is a smooth cigar with a very rich flavor. It builds smoothly (like a good sychromesh transmission) with at least two flavor notes being achieved. I could taste cedar and tea flavors. A slight buzz was felt at the end.

Aroma – 9 out of 10

The aroma is very pleasant, not overpowering at all.

Ash/Burn – 9 out of 10

The ash is solid and the burn canoed slightly, but not enough to detract.

Value – 13 out of 15

This is a solid, smooth, medium smoke that is priced about normal for a national brand of this construction and quality. If you enjoy a medium flavor Maduro cigar you will enjoy this cigar.

Independent Evaluations

Strength: Medium
Drink: Spiced Rum, such as Sailor Jerry (92 proof) or The Kraken (94-proof). How can you go wrong with a sea monster on your bottle?
Food: Beef.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the review of this cigar by my son Jared.

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