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Do Cigar Humidors Help With the Longevity of Cigars

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humidorA humidor is a box that is specifically designed to hold cigars, and was made to maintain the consistency of humidity in a confines made of Spanish cedar. There is a need to keep the humidity at a proper level so cigars do not dry out, or become too moist and develop mold. Humidors are also rooms that have the same type of controlled environment. Typically a humidor is going to grace the homes of cigar aficionados, cigar lounges, and retailers that sell premium cigars. There are several places you can find cigar humidors for sale. It is always a good idea to make sure the humidor you wish to purchase will fit your exact needs.

Retailers Use Humidors to Display Cigars
Retailers need humidors to keep cigars in perfect condition. The best humidors for retailers are designed so all cigars can be seen easily. This includes the use of reversible dividers and shelves that allow for a perfect display. When the shelves are set at a forty-five degree angle it allows for better viewing. The more distinguished humidors are made from mahogany and are lined with felt for a classy look. Humidors are also available in cabinet sizes for businesses, and look like pieces of furniture. They can hold up to one thousand to five thousand cigars.

Humidors for Private Use
Humidors can also be used in your home. They are perfect for keeping pipe tobacco, cigarettes and cigars at the proper level of humidity. When they are used for private use they tend to run in smaller sizes and can be found in wood and acrylic. Smaller humidors can hold up to twelve cigars.

A Humidor Is More than a Box
The humidity range that is optimal for cigars is 68% to 72%, basically room temperature. It is not too hot, nor is it too cold. There is usually a device inside a humidor that helps it maintain the optimal level of humidity that adds or removes moisture to the interior space. This device is called a hygrometer. Besides preserving cigars and aging them, a humidor can be an elegant piece of furniture. It can also be an attractive piece for retail establishments, and a good investment for cigar connoisseurs. It is a small investment that protects a much larger investment of cigars that are quite valuable, for many years.

BnB Tobacco has a selection of cigar humidors for sale that are available for retailers and private use. Consider purchasing a humidor to keep your cigars protected until you can enjoy them at your leisure.

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