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E-Hookah’s are here!


At roughly the size of a ballpoint pen, these little flavor filled smokes are super portable and can fit into your pocket.  Unlike a traditional hookah, which must stay in one location, e-hookahs allow the party to travel with you.

We proudly offer Fantasia’s new line of E-Hookahs; a variety of flavors like 4 Play, Adios M@#%+&!, Magic Dragon, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Purple Haze, Surfer and Washington Apple. Once these new products came in, our hookah aficionados couldn’t resist trying them out. 4 Play is sexy and flirty with a sweet melon flavor. Magic Dragon is a berry blast with a cool mint after taste. For something that takes you on a mini-vacation, check out Surfer. This piña colada treat will put you right on the beach. Peach Fuzzy Navel has the sweet, peachy flavor of summer fun and is the perfect counterpart to the rich autumn inspired apple pie flavor of Washington Apple. For something a little more intense, look no further then Adios M@#%+&!, a crazy citrus blend you won’t forget. The sweet, almost candy like flavor of Purple Haze makes it a customer favorite.


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