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Flavored Cigars Are Becoming a New Trend

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If you're a long-time cigar enthusiast, you've probably noticed that flavored cigars are becoming more and more popular. These slimmer, smaller cigars provide smokers with a unique taste that can greatly enhance the overall experience. These days, established cigar companies are introducing their own lines of flavored cigars to satisfy the needs of a new generation of smokers. 

Why Flavored Cigars Are Becoming So Popular

It looks like flavored cigars are here to stay for now. The question is, when and how did flavored cigars become such a prominent trend? 

Unsurprisingly, millennials are mostly responsible. It seems that younger cigar enthusiasts are looking for unique flavor combinations when they smoke. As a result, cigar brands are catering to their needs by dreaming up unique flavors. With so many flavored cigars available today, experienced cigar enthusiasts are giving them a try as well. 

Fascinatingly, almost half of the cigar smokers who have purchased a cigar product within the last couple of months prefer flavored cigars. Among the most popular flavors are menthol, cherry and candy. According to these cigar smokers, the flavors decrease the harshness that is experienced when the smoke is inhaled. These falvors also mask any of the less favorable flavor notes for which pure cigar tobacco is known. 

Many experts believe that this trend is heavily influenced by the vaping world. Because vaping has made flavored tobacco and nicotine products so hugely popular, a brand new generation of cigar smokers has been born. Accustomed to smoking products that deliver a clearly defined flavor profile, these new cigar smokers are expecting a unique taste that's beyond traditional tobacco. 

The Future of Flavored Cigars

Currently, a group of legislators are pushing the FDA to ban flavored tobacco products. Their concern is that these flavored products make tobacco seem more appealing to minors. Because of the risks associated with tobacco consumption, they hope that the FDA will step in. 

However, flavored cigars aren't exactly brand new. For decades, adults have been enjoying the occasional flavored cigar. Therefore, it's unknown how a potential ban on flavored tobacco products would impact the cigar industry. 

Still Growing In Popularity

As flavored cigars become more and more popular, many beloved cigar companies are introducing innovative flavors that appeal to cigar enthusiasts of all ages. While the future of flavored tobacco is uncertain, it's safe to say that this is one trend that isn't going anywhere for the time-being.

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