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For a Cigar Smoker and a Vaping User

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Cigars and e-cigs

The world of tobacco smoking is changing but don’t tell lifelong cigar lovers that. Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-hookahs, and MODS have hit the market hard, and it’s undeniably cleaner and easier to store these methods of smoking than the costs involved in keeping cigars fresh. That however, isn’t the point of cigar smoking. The enjoyment of sitting down and tasting the depth of flavor not found anywhere else is what keeps cigar smoking popular. Some would say more popular now than in their initial hey-day.

Cigar clubs and smoking lounges are becoming increasingly popular and the safety of e-cigarettes is inviting more smokers to the party. Vaping devices have been shown to be healthier than traditional tobacco products, such as cigarettes. The demand for the wide breadth of flavors found for vapes is on the rise. Instead of hitting a cigarette for the nicotine, vape users, not unlike cigar smokers are using them for their flavor and shared smoking experience.

The distinct difference between vaping and cigar smoking is that vapers are inhaling the smoke and cigar smokers are not. Vape pens afford more accessibility and less cost in purchase, storage, and travel than cigars. Cigars, however, have a unique provenance and history. Cigars can also be paired with beer, wine, liquor, or even coffee to highlight the unique flavor profiles of different cigars. Much like the difference between a box of wine and a high quality bottle, vapes and cigars often have a different type of user. This isn’t always the case however.

There are numerous similarities between cigars and vaporizers:

  • They both have intoxicating fragrances.
  • They both come in a wide variety of flavors and types.
  • They both provide the user with low levels of nicotine along with less chemicals and dangers than cigarettes.

Long-time cigar lovers may really enjoy having a vaping experience, especially if they enjoy smoking with friends. Vaping’s definitely something cigar smokers should at least sample and vice-versa. Every vape-lover should try a flavorful cigar in their time.

There are users that enjoy both cigars and vaping. While vaping allows for easier access and sharing, cigars will always hold that high-class esteem and laid-back relaxing quality. While many users may have a particular preference for one or the other, there’s no reason why cigar smokers and vaping users can’t enjoy whichever they prefer when they choose to with no unintended consequences.

The many different methods of these things, all create pleasurable experiences for the user. It’s up to the adventurous smoker to determine what they like and when and where to enjoy their e-cigarette or favorite cigar.

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