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Get in a “Zone” with CBD Zone

CBD Zone Menthol

Are you looking to incorporate CBD into your routine, but don’t know where to start?  Well, allow us to make things easier for you.  CBD Zone’s Hemp Smokes offer everything you need to enjoy a truly satisfying hemp experience in a particularly user-friendly, fast-acting and potent way.  These Hemp Smokes come in many varieties, and each one is made with nothing but raw hemp flower and CBD oil, conveniently rolled into unbleached paper for easy inhalation.

Better Than Cigarettes

Of course, Hemp Smokes are a better choice than cigarettes in many ways.  They don’t contain the chemicals that cigarette tobacco is treated with, which means that what you’re putting into your lungs is ultimately better.  And, they don’t smell like cigarettes, but the natural taste of hemp.  If you’re someone who is ready to quit smoking and looking for a replacement, these are a great choice.


Unlike cigarette tobacco, which contains nicotine, these Hemp Smokes are not addicting.  You’ll be able to enjoy each one on your terms rather than feeling like you’re puffing way because the craving is simply too much to overcome.  One pack will likely last you far longer than a pack of cigarettes.

Made with High-Quality, Fresh Hemp

The quality of the hemp itself is nothing short of exceptional.  CBD Zone has gone to great lengths to establish good relationships with hemp farmers and ensures that each batch of hemp buds is up to their incredibly high standards to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Easy to Use

Another great aspect of the Hemp Smokes is how easy they are to use.  Raw, loose buds are extremely popular, but do require that you manually insert the buds into a pipe or roll them up into paper.  Other methods require measuring out of each dose.  These are as user-friendly as it gets, as all that you need to do is pull a smoke out of the pack, light it up and take however many puffs you want until you’re satisfied.  Note that CBD and other cannabinoids typically take effect within 10 minutes after exhaling, and most find that they don’t even need a full smoke in order to have the experience that they want.


Like we said, these are fast-acting hemp products.  That’s because of the delivery method.  When we inhale hemp into the lungs, it absorbs into the body within minutes, which means that those who want fast activation of CBD can achieve it through smoking these products as needed throughout the day.

Particularly Potent

Another great advantage of smoking hemp is that it affects you in a more potent manner, again due to the absorption rate of the lung tissue.  This means that if you want to feel the strongest effects of cannabidiol, smoking these products is the way to go.  You won’t get high, as hemp doesn’t have enough THC to make that physically possible, but you will feel the cannabinoids at work in the body.

Great for Taking with You

Hemp Smokes are conveniently portable, as they can fit into your pocket easily and comfortably.  This means that you can enjoy some CBD no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

Available in a Variety of Flavors

The Hemp Smokes from CBD Zone come in a generous variety of flavors, including an unflavored option, as well as menthol, wine and wild berry.  The flavoring is naturally derived and adds to the natural taste of the raw hemp plant, which has notes of pine, citrus and mint.

Highly Bioavailable

The Hemp Smokes are easily one of the most bioavailable products today, meaning that they may be uniquely effective due to how easily they absorb into the body.  Besides the delivery method factor, they contain every compound in hemp for a stronger synergistic experience.  And, as the hemp is raw and pure, you’ll get as much out of it as possible.

Grab These CBD Zone Hemp Smokes Today!

CBD Zone Hemp Smokes are made with hemp leaves instead of tobacco, making them delicious and non-addictive. Whether you are searching for a better way to relax or a much healthier smoking option, CBD Smokes are here to help. Made from hemp, CBD oil, and natural unbleached paper these non-psychoactive smokes provide a new, exciting, and all-natural option.

The Hemp Smokes from CBD Zone have a lot to offer if you are trying to get your daily CBD fix.  They are easy to use, natural and fast-acting, making them great for someone who wants to really explore all that cannabidiol is about.

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