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Hemp Smokes Matchup: Filtered Smokes vs. Tipped Smokes

Hemp Smokes Matchup: Filtered Smokes vs. Tipped Smokes, News

The more popular CBD flower becomes, the more unique and exciting flower-based products are hitting the market.  And, at BnB Tobacco, we’ve got ‘em all.  Not only do we carry high-end loose buds, but we also offer a rich variety of pre-rolls that save you loads of time, so that you can just take a roll out of its package, light it up and treat yourself to hemp in no time.

Two of the most popular types of pre-rolls you’ll find on the hemp smokes market are filtered smokes and tipped smokes.  Neither of these pre-roll styles are unique to hemp, but they each offer a unique way of experiencing the smoke itself, which is why it’s important to have an idea of how they compare to one another.


These are the hemp smokes that look a lot like cigarettes and come in packs of 20 in most cases.  The filter is made from some type of plant fiber, such as cotton, and acts as a barrier between the raw flower buds and the smoke that ends up getting inhaled into the lungs.


  • Smoother smoke: Filters are designed to, well, filter the smoke, which helps make each draw feel velvety smooth as you pull it into the lungs.
  • No buds entering the mouth: With filters, you don’t have to deal with the potential annoyance of getting ground up bud in your mouth, and stuck between your teeth. The material from which filters are made does not allow any flower to get through at all.
  • Similar to cigarettes: Filtered hemp smokes are great for those who are former smokers and want something that looks and feels the same, but without any tobacco inside.
  • Less irritation: Because filters help limit the smoke that’s yielded from a pull, you’re less likely to end up with throat irritation that can result from harsher smoke.
  • Less likely to spill: The filter also keeps the buds inside your pre-roll on one end so that they’re less likely to fall out and result in wasted ground up flower.


  • Usually contains less hemp: In most cases, hemp smokes that are filtered are smaller than other pre-rolls, which means less hemp per roll. In most cases, people are satisfied with the amount in these pre-rolls, however.
  • Reduces the smoke you inhale: Filters somewhat reduce the actual amount of smoke that you’re breathe in, which can mean slightly less potency per puff.
  • Requires a harder pull: To get the smoke through to the other end of the filter, you do have to draw harder when you go in for a puff.


Inspired by the tips that are common with cigarillos.  Usually made from a plastic material, they are tapered at the end, and act as a chimney that condenses the smoke the skinner the tip gets.


  • Concentrates the smoke: The design of the tip acting as a chimney can provide more concentrated smoke that is therefore more potent and flavorful. Each pull forces the smoke to go through a small channel rather than getting dispersed into the air after a pull is drawn.
  • More ergonomic: The tips found on these types of hemp smokes are very ergonomic, meaning that they feel really comfortable against the lips, which is always a nice touch.
  • No soggy end: The tip stops saliva from causing the closest end of your pre-roll to get soggy.
  • Still reduces the risk of buds getting in your teeth: The tapered design of a tip still does a good job filtering out small amounts of flower that can get into your mouth and teeth.


  • Slightly harsher: Because there is no solid filter, the smoke will be a bit stronger, which thankfully most people have zero issue with.
  • Not as common: At the end of the day, tipped hemp smokes are not as easy to find as those that are filtered.

When it Comes to Your Hemp Smoking Experience Between Filtered or Tipped Hemp Smokes, the Choice is Yours!

Both filtered and tipped hemp smokes act as wonderful ways to inhale the compounds of the hemp plant, and each bring something unique to the pre-roll table.  The key takeaway is that neither is superior compared to the other – it’s all about deciding what you want out of your smoking experience and choosing accordingly.  At BnB, we offer loads of top-quality hemp smokes in all kinds of forms, including the two we covered here.  Why?  So that you can find the best pre-roll for your needs, of course.


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