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How Can You Tell If a Humidor Isn’t Working Properly?

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 The popularity of cigars is something that has continued to increase every year. In many parts of the work, it is socially acceptable to always be smoking a cigar. There are a wide range of qualities with a cigar that people can buy. However, it is also important to keep the cigar at the perfect moisture for the best use. This is most often accomplished with a humidor. A humidor is anything that keeps a cigar in perfect working condition. In general, a humidor is a box or a room. There are many ways in which this can help a cigar to keep its perfect quality. Here are several ways to tell if your humidor is not working properly.

Dry Cigar

The most obvious sign that a humidor is not working properly is when the cigars start to dry out. The entire purpose of keeping the humidity and moisture up in the humidor is so that the cigars do not dry out. Dry cigars do not let off the same type of smoke that moist ones do. It is important to always keep a cigar at the ideal moisture to achieve the maximum pleasure from smoking the cigar.

Discolored Smoke

Another obvious sign that a humidor is not working properly is discolored smoke that comes out of the cigar. A perfectly rolled cigar that has been kept in the proper conditions emits a specific type of smoke with a good grey color. However, if a humidor is not working properly this smoke will be all sorts of different colors. This is one of the easiest signs to spot when a humidor is not working properly for a person.


Finally, another sign that a cigar was not in the proper conditions when stored is the taste of the cigar. A good cigar should have a smooth and moist taste. However, there are those that do not have the proper conditions for the cigar to stay moist in. When this happens, the taste of the cigar becomes more pungent and it does not have the full experience. To avoid this, always store a cigar in humid and moist conditions so that it can maintain its high-quality appeal. Overall, cigars should be stored properly in a working humidor and when this does not occur these early signs can be a warning to cigar users.


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