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How to Choose the Healthiest Rolling Papers

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When it comes to rolling our own, we tend to fixate solely on the tobacco without giving a second thought to the papers that we’re using to roll the tobacco.  But, if you’re an avid smoker, it’s important to consider the paper as much as the tobacco, because not all papers are created equally.  There are countless paper options on the market, and some are higher in quality than others.  More importantly, some are better for you than others, as we will be discussing today.

Consider the Material

 First, consider the material.  You may be surprised by the wide variety of materials from which rolling papers are made, since they tend to feel and look remarkably similar.  But, rolling papers can in fact be made using a wide range of materials, with some being objectively better for you than others.  First off, we suggest avoiding synthetic materials altogether.  Synthetic materials tend to be cheaper to use, which is why so many companies rely on them.  However, we wholeheartedly believe that natural options are superior.

There are many natural materials out there today.  Some of our favorites are hemp, rice and wood pulp.  All of these materials are absolutely capable of allowing you to roll great smokes, and they’re better to breathe in on a daily basis.

Avoid Dyed Papers

 It’s far from uncommon for companies to dye their papers.  Most often, you’ll find that companies bleach their papers so that they appear uniformly white.  To the inexperienced user, it is easy to assume that all paper is naturally white.  Although, most rolling paper materials are actually brown when left undyed.  Also, some companies will dye their papers brown to make them appear more natural.  Simply look at the label to find out whether or not papers have been dyed.  More often than not, a company will make a point to state that their papers are undyed, knowing that this means their papers are more natural.

Avoid Treated Papers

 Another thing to avoid is papers that have been treated to make them burn slower or be more resilient.  While these may sound like advantages, often it means that the papers contain chemicals that aren’t necessarily great for you to inhale daily.  You don’t need treated papers if both the papers and the tobacco are high in quality.  So, while you may be tempted to opt for an option that promises to improve your smoke, know that untreated papers will satisfy your needs just fine.

Keep On Rolling Those Papers in the Healthiest Way Possible

 If you want to make sure that you have the healthiest rolling papers on the market, it’s simply a matter of knowing the key things to check for before making a purchase.  Use this guide the next time you go to stock up, as you’ll be able to make a better choice by taking the three factors listed above into consideration.

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