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How to Choose the Right Cigar Accessories—Deciding on a Cigar Lighter

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For cigar newbies, buying an item like a cigar lighter may seem like a no-brainer until you realize that there are many options to choose from. There are definitely some that work better than others so read on for my simple guide to choosing the best cigar lighter to get the best results from your cigar smoking experience.

The right type of lighter for cigars

First off, most people when they think of lighters, the handy Bic disposable lighter with a soft flame probably comes to mind. While this is a good choice for lighting cigarettes or very thin cigars, it is not the best choice for lighting most cigars. The reason is that this type of lighter has added chemicals in them that can sometimes change the taste of your cigar after you light it. Some cigar enthusiasts swear by the next choice, matches, but keep in mind that while they may not have added chemicals, there is sulfar at the head of the match and that can also change the taste of your cigar. To avoid that, experienced cigar smokers wait until the head of the match is burned before lighting their cigar. The best option used by most cigar smokers is a torch lighter with a jet flame—a smaller classier version of what you would see a welder use.

If you decide to go with a torch lighter, the decision doesn’t stop there. You will find different styles and brands of torches. You need to decide if you want a single, double or triple flame and if you want to buy a lighter that comes with a convenient cutter built into it usually in a punch or guillotine style. These work well when you are lighting up inside but especially well if you smoke outside where a wind burst can knock out a flame from another type of lighter or match. When choosing how many flames you want, consider this. A single flame might take longer to light a cigar with a large ring gauge so a double flame is probably the better choice. If two flames are good, would three be better? In my opinion, I’m not a fan of filling up my lighter with butane any more than I have to and a triple flame uses up butane faster than the double.

Speaking of butane, since it’s a safety hazard to have a torch lighter filled with butane shipped in the mail, you will want to buy a canister of butane on your own and have it ready by the time your lighter is delivered. You also need to make sure the nozzle of the butane canister fits over the torch lighter for easy filling. Some other things to keep in mind is the fancier lighters that open on the top are nice but keep in mind that they might get in the way of lighting your cigar. Lastly, a nice addition to your lighter is a fuel indicator or window to let you know when your butane is running low.  Now you are ready to buy yourself a new lighter. My advice is to visit this site, BnB Tobacco, and search through their various choices of quality lighters and buy the one that best fits your needs. BnB offers premium cigars and tobacco at the best wholesale prices and since you can buy them online, it makes it convenient for you.

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