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How to Choose Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco Pipe

There comes a time in almost any smoker’s life when it feels like the right time to invest in a tobacco pipe and begin enjoying this new way of smoking.  Smoking with tobacco pipes offers a lot that other smoking mediums do not.  For one thing, pipe tobacco is unique , often featuring more complexity in terms of flavor.  Further, smoking through a pipe can be uniquely relaxing.  And, of course, collecting pipes is half the fun when it comes to this hobby.

What Should You Consider in Your Tobacco Pipe Buying Process?

But, for the beginner, how do you possibly choose the right pipe, with such a wide range available on the market today?  Well, allow us to guide you through the process of selecting one that will satisfy your needs perfectly.

Factor #1: Determine Your Budget

First things first: you have to decide how much you’re willing to spend on a pipe.  The world of pipes is vast, offering choices ranging from below twenty dollars to well into the hundreds.  It’s true that some pipes are as expensive as they are for superficial reasons, meaning that they don’t necessarily enhance your smoking quality, but simply add valuable aesthetics and status.  But, at the same time, with extremely cheap pipes, you often get what you pay for, meaning that the materials and design elements aren’t always conducive to enjoying the best smoke possible.

Factor #2: Decide on a Material

Choosing a material is the next step, and it’s an important one.  As you know, there are all kinds of pipe materials out there, but wood is largely considered the best, because it’s both practical and capable of ensuring a satisfying, consistent smoking experience.  Cheaper materials like corn cob exist, but we don’t recommend them if you want to begin your pipe-smoking endeavor with a bang.  Choose a high-quality wood that’s resilient and conducive to enhancing the smoking experience.

Factor #3: Select the Right Size

Size is very important.  The size of your handle as well as the size of your bowl are both important, and determine many aspects of your smoke.  It’s recommended that beginners start with handles that are on the longer side, as these are easier to work with and maintain.  The bowl size is totally your call, and should be determined based on how much time you plan to spend smoking your pipe.

Factor #4: Find a Shape You Like

The shape matters as well, especially if you care about the aesthetics as much as the functionality of your pipe.  Here is where manufacturers can get creative.  Sure, the shape of the pipe can influence how the smoke behaves, but most pipe enthusiasts enjoy the variety of shapes available because of the visual appeal that they offer.  For beginners, we recommend not going for a highly unusual shape, but settling for something that’s relatively standard, allowing you to get used to the way in which pipes behave.

Factor #5: Ask Around and Check Out Online Resources

Of course, there are resources if you need a little more assistance when choosing a pipe.  You can certainly ask around, whether it be within your circle of pipe-smoking friends, or at a shop that sells smoking goods.  And, you can always check out online forums where pipe enthusiasts like to discuss their favorite hobby.

The World of Tobacco Pipes Can Be Quite Intimidating to the Beginner

But as you can see, it’s really all about choosing one that appeals to your individual needs and preferences.  Many find that experimentation is the key, as each pipe has something unique to bring to the table.  Explore the variety of pipes at BnB Tobacco, as we are certain that you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

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