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How to Properly Weigh Hemp Flower

How to Properly Weigh Hemp Flower, News

Did you know one of the biggest changes to be made when moving over to hemp flower is measuring?  At this point, it can no longer be done in terms of milligram strength, which is what users of tinctures and edibles are used to.  Good news though, is that you can still measure out how much hemp you’re getting by simply weighing the flower

#1: Making Sure You Got Your Money's Worth

To avoid potentially getting ripped off or short-changed, the flower needs to be weighted immediately.  Hemp flower is usually sold by the number of grams or ounces.

#2: Ensuring You’re Smoking or Vaping the Right Amount

Anyone out there who smokes or vapes hemp flower should want to get a better idea that they are consuming the same number of milligrams of cannabinoids.  Weighing the flower out then is the perfect method to accomplish this.  It ensures that you place the same amount of flower into your pipe, paper or vaporizer chamber each time you go for a hemp session.

#3: Anyone Who Decides to Do Some Culinary Baking

Weighing hemp flower is essential for baking.  Most recipes call for making CBD butter, a hemp-infused fat that can be used to make just about any recipe.  This requires that you weigh the flower buds to know that each serving of your edible contains enough hemp for you to actually experience its properties.

#4: Having a Better Idea of How Much You’re Going Through

Weighing your flower gives you an idea of how much flower you’re going through either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly even.  This can allow you stay on top of your consumption, and help you budget out your monthly flower expenses.

#5: Using a Proper Scale For Weighing/Measuring 

Best way to weigh your hemp flower buds is to do so with a scale.  This is the only way to come up with a completely accurate measurement which can then be applied to your daily flower routine.  Most hemp enthusiasts prefer digital scales, both because they’re more accurate, and because they’re easier to read and measure.  You also want a scale that at least weighs down to the 0.0 gram, for when you’re, say, loading small amounts into the bowl of a pipe.  How high it should go up to depends on the quantity of flower you typically buy.  For instance, some people only buy 7 grams at a time, while others like to buy a whole pound of raw flower with each purchase.

#6: The Container Should Not Be Part of the Weight

Flower can be messy indeed, which is why most people prefer to keep it in a container when weighing it.  Still, if you’re going to do that, you will want to first place the empty container onto the scale before turning it on, and then placing the flower in the container once your scale is in weighing mode.  Otherwise, you will be recording the weight of the container as well as the flower, which of course, gives you an inaccurate number.

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