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How to Smoke a Cigar

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Just for the fun of it, I recently invited some of my non-cigar-smoking friends over to my place for some relaxation time and I decided to show them a little of what they were missing. It turned into a fun lesson on how to smoke a cigar and I actually got a few converts out of the experience. In fact, they can’t wait until the next time we can share a cigar smoke over some drinks. So if you are a cigar beginner or are thinking of giving it a try, check out below some of the tips I shared with my friends that night.

Choosing a cigar-The best place to start is with a mild cigar, which you can tell by its light-colored wrapper. Save the more robust flavors with the dark-colored wrappers for a later time because those will probably taste too strong at first. To purchase your cigars, check out a reputable online tobacco shop retailer like BnB Tobacco for the best selection of premium cigars at warehouse prices. If you are not ready to store your cigars in a humidifier, only order enough you can enjoy yourself or with friends for one or two times. A good time to try cigar smoking is after a meal when you are slightly full and feeling relaxed and comfortable. Allow yourself a good half hour to enjoy your cigar.

Cutting and lighting a cigar- Now that you have your cigar and are ready to smoke it, you need to cut it at the end to prepare it for lighting. Never, and I repeat never use scissors but rather a cigar cutter preferable the guillotine type that you can also find online at BnB Tobacco. If smoking in public, be sure to remove the wrapper because it’s considered bad etiquette if you leave it on for everyone to see what brand you are smoking. To light, use a butane lighter or wooden match and avoid Bic-type lighters or other household lighters that work better for lighting cigarettes. Light the bottom end of the cigar but do not touch it with the flame—you want to warm it up first. Puff on it slightly without inhaling and rotate the cigar until the flame catches on, which can take about 10-20 seconds. Hold the cigar between your index finger and your thumb and again, never inhale the smoke. Savor the flavors and scents of the cigar –this experience is something you don’t want to rush.

Final thoughts- a good smoke can always be a better smoke when accompanied by a proper drink. It is part of the cigar smoking experience and the best choices are brandy, scotch and port wine and for non-drinking smokers—a nice robust coffee or Kahlua drink would be splendid! When it is time to stop smoking, just place your cigar in an ashtray and let it extinguish itself on its own—never crush a cigar like a cigarette. Keep in mind that most cigar smokers choose to not re-smoke a used cigar. Practice makes perfect so enjoy getting to know what brands of quality cigars you enjoy smoking by trying a variety at first. There are aromatics available as well as the classics and even cigar sampler packs that are fun to try–all can be found online at

Until next time…

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