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How Tobacco Curing is Done

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Many individuals who like to smoke may have little knowledge how tobacco is actually produced, picked and cured. As most people know, tobacco is grown in a field. It’s then air dried, or sun dried in small barns or sheds to finish the curing process. This is one of the things that you will find with tobacco. The reasons to cure tobacco are numerous. Tobacco is air cured and is a process that takes 4 to 8 weeks.

It’s typically very easy to cure the tobacco to make it something that individuals can and will use. It removes odors and carotids from the product. Traditionally, tobacco was cured with the use of barns. We’ll discuss ways tobacco is cured.

Tobacco curing is a process that makes the tobacco light, and fragrant and with a high nicotine content. It’s the process whereupon tobacco is removed from the field and then air dried in a small barn or shed. Tobacco growers typically place tobacco in small barns on the farm itself. Curing the tobacco allows for the degradation of the product and some of the carcinogens and odors are removed. It gives tobacco a light and airy taste and increases its nicotine content. It’s just something that tobacco growers do on a routine basis.

When looking for premium tobacco products, note that various compounds in the tobacco leaves give cured tobacco its sweet hay, tea, rose oil, or light flavors that contributes to a smooth taste.Tobacco considered to be low quality is often artificially flavored with these additives.

At this period of time, traditional tobacco barns are falling into disuse and modern little tobacco houses are set up by farmers who do their curing onsite. These are the options that farmers can use.

Tobacco curing hasn’t changed substantially from when it was cured and picked by hand by individuals at the turn of the century. Even though the barns may not be used, the product is still cured in small sheds and gives growers and users both the type of tobacco products they may wish to use.

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